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A selection of ICABS campaign news stories from previous years.

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News - 2013

December 2013
20 Read Animal Voice - Issue 12, 2013
20 Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2014
19 Bandon urged to remove hunting from website's activities page
18 Urge Kilkenny to reject cruel hare coursing
18 New Irish Farmers Association president is a bloodsports supporter
17 New petition - Irish Government: Save foxes and dogs from horrific cruelty
13 Urge Westmeath to reject cruel hare coursing
12 Cockfighting investigation: Birds seized in Fermanagh
06 Singer/songwriter Don Mescall: "I support a ban on Ireland's cruel hare coursing and foxhunting"
06 Sign the ICABS petition calling on Minister Coveney to save hares from cruel coursing.
04 Athy, Co Kildare - Reject cruel hare coursing
04 Minister Coveney dismisses call to encourage drag coursing
04 Charter Travel thanked for removing bullfight suggestion
03 Family distraught after pet dog attacked by a pack of hunt hounds
November 2013
29 Read Animal Voice - Issue 11, 2013
27 New campaign video urges Simon Coveney to ban digging-out and terrierwork
22 Minister Coveney announces tail docking by non-vets won't be allowed
22 Jet2Holidays thanked for removing bullfight suggestion
22 Bookable Holidays - trip to bullfight is "great day trip"
20 Balbriggan - Reject cruel hare coursing
20 Drag coursing proves there is no need for hares in coursing
15 Cavan urged to reject cruel hare coursing
14 "I would support any legislation that would ban coursing": Wexford Cllr Malcolm Byrne
12 Clare Daly questions Justice Minister over racist material on greyhound site
October 2013
31 Read Animal Voice - Issue 10, 2013
23 Complaint to AIB over "sports action" coursing photo
21 Mallow urged to reject cruel hare coursing
18 Demonstration against coursing - Edenderry, 19th October
18 Say NO to hare coursing in Edenderry, Co Offaly
17 Say NO to hare coursing in Fermoy, Co Cork
17 Ask Riverbank Arts Centre not to screen bullfight film
16 Member of hunt fined 3,000 Euro after hounds worry livestock
11 Escape Trips thanked for removing bullfight tickets info
10 Call for veterinary investigation into anaesthetization of Love/Hate cat
09 Monaghan Councillors unanimously condemn cockfighting and call for Garda crackdown
08 Renewed appeal to Simon Coveney to ban digging-out and terrierwork
08 Speak out against cruel bull of fire event
01 Ultimate Travel Company will no longer organise bullring visits
September 2013
30 Read Animal Voice - Issue 9, 2013
27 Groupama insurance company asked to stop advertising at bullfights
26 Another season of coursing cruelty to begin this weekend
26 Coursing cruelty complaint - No prosecution
26 The latest Dail Questions and Answers
25 Travel website replaces bullfight article with anti-bullfighting info
25 The pitiful cry of an Irish hare caught in a coursing net
20 Original Travel thanked for removing bullfight content
20 Groups promoting blood sports "entitled to a tax exemption"
19 Cricket club urged to abandon coursing field
18 New ICABS Video: Coursing bans around the world
12 Easy Jet removes bullring photo from website
11 Revenue Commissioners urged to scrap tax exemption for hunting groups
06 Victims of Ireland's cruel hare coursing
06 Hare coursing cruelty highlighted on TV3's Morning Show
05 No Fly Cruising removes bullring reference
August 2013
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 8, 201330 August 2013
30 Videos: Ireland's hare coursing cruelty
28 Student website drops bullfight recommendation
22 Hilton Hampton thanked for removing bullfighting references from website
22 365 Tickets urged to stop selling bullring tour tickets
21 Help remove animal cruelty from Facebook
20 Ticketmaster urged to stop selling bullfighting tickets
15 Shameful: Jimmy Deenihan issues licence for a 2013-14 hare coursing season
15 Ask BoyleSports to stop sponsoring cruel hare coursing
15 Boyne Valley Foods asked to drop matador wine
14 Protest against bullfighting - Dublin, September 4th
14 Argus Car Hire asked to stop publicising bullfighting
09 Ebookers no longer telling tourists to "watch a bullfight"
09 Cancun Holidays Information Center erases bullfight page
08 Co-op stops suggesting visit to bullring
08 Marriott thanked for dropping bullfight recommendation
08 Club Travel stops telling tourists to "see a bullfight"
07 Joanne O’Riordan: Hunters - think about what you are doing
July 2013
31 Animal Voice, Ban Bullfighting Edition 2013
30 Travel companies thanked for removing bullfighting from websites
29 Anti-coursing demonstration: August 1st, 2013
26 Urge Minister Jimmy Deenihan to refuse hare coursing licence
26 Abbey Travel remove bullfighting from website
19 Tourism Industry: Stop encouraging holidaymakers to visit bullfights
19 Budget Travel asked to stop encouraging visit to bullring
18 American Airlines asked to stop publicising bullfighting
18 Barretstown will not accept funds from Pamplona bullrun
12 New ICABS booklet - "Irish Politicians and Animal Issues"
12 Beanna Seacht cancel plan to run in Pamplona bull run
09 Ask MyCharity.ie to reject fundraisers involving cruelty
05 Irish fundraising group urged not to take part in bullrun
June 2013
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 6, 2013
28 Death of anti-bloodsports campaigner, Emma Hayes
27 Bullfighting is in crisis
26 GAA questioned over removal of hares from football field
21 Illegal cockfight cruelty uncovered in Monaghan
20 Netting of hares "will not happen again" at Teagasc property
10 Political Focus - Sean Sherlock, TD (Cork East)
May 2013
31 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 5, 2013
30 Gardai to investigate cruelty to hares
28 Fodor's urged to stop directing tourists to bullfights
23 Ireland's coursing cruelty catalogue 2013
10 FBD Insurance urged to scrap cruelty coverage
02 Wax Museum withdraws foxhunt discount "with immediate effect"
02 I will boycott wax museum over foxhunting discount offer: Joan Collins TD
01 Urge National Wax Museum to scrap foxhunt discount
April 2013
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 4, 2013
04 Cruellest terrierwork pictures and video come from Ireland
March 2013
29 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 3, 2013
28 Irish animals betrayed by Animal Health and Welfare Bill
27 Ask TDs to support anti-bloodsports amendments to Animal Welfare Bill
27 LIVE: Animal Welfare Bill discussed in Dail Eireann on the Oireachtas website from 2:30pm.
20 Protest against hunting and coursing exemptions - this Thursday
20 Renewed call on Simon Coveney to ban terrierwork
20 Pro-hunt election candidate voted to ban hunt
15 Happy St Patrick's Day to all our friends and supporters
15 Photos show deer in Boyne following pursuit by hunt hounds
14 Ask Adare Heritage Centre to stop promoting hunting
13 Meath East by-election and Blood Sports
08 Drag coursing video shows there is no need for hares in coursing
01 Petition: Ask Limerick Racecourse to stop hosting coursing
February 2013
28 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 2, 2013
25 More scenes of coursing cruelty filmed at Limerick Racecourse
22 NPWS trappers to kill foxes, crows and shoot mink through their brains
22 Ask Dunnes Stores to lift its ban on animal groups
21 Gathering removes hunting from events website
20 Deer chased into river during search for body
19 Ask Limerick Racecourse to reject hare coursing
14 Paolo Nutini "in no way supports fox hunting or any other type of blood sports"
07 TDs condemn Clonmel coursing cruelty
06 It's barbaric: Green Cllr calls for hunting ban
05 Brothers defamed by hunt chairman awarded Eur30,500 in damages
05 Renewed call for ban on hunting with hounds
January 2013
31 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 1, 2013
31 Irish Greyhound board stops publicising coursing finals
30 Clonmel mayor criticised for "splendid" coursing comment
29 Disgust at Hector's pro-hunting propaganda
29 Owner of mauled dog calls for hunting ban
25 Demonstrations against cruel hare coursing
23 Hunter fined for importing illegal and inhumane animal traps
23 "Bullfighting is dying out": Spanish Tourist Board Director
22 Horrific attack on pet dog by hunt hounds
18 Waterford TD, John Halligan, would welcome blanket ban on bloodsports
18 Dept rejects call to stop killing lactating female badgers
17 210 successful prosecutions for NPWS in six years
16 Animal groups dealing with abandoned hunting dogs
15 ICABS defends foxes from killing claims
11 Westmeath Council thanked for deleting hunt document
10 Property agents thanked for removing bloodsports from listings
10 Columnist criticised for suggesting hunter invitation
09 Wicklow National Park removes "vermin" claim
04 Petition: Keep cruelty out of property listings
04 Dramatic and on-going decline in Irish hare numbers

News - 2012

December 2012
22 Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2013
22 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 12, 2012 December 2012
14 The politician, the priest and the millionaire's wife
14 Ask bishop to stop clergy involvement in cruel coursing
13 Pizza prank politician returns "distasteful" ICABS appeal
07 Death of ICABS founder member Hilda Allen
07 Featured Video: Dublin vixen nurses cubs
04 Farmers take court action over hunter's paedophile accusation
November 2012
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 11, 2012
27 Minister Coveney says he won't outlaw terrierwork barbarity
23 Exposed: Priest's continued involvement in hare coursing
22 Labour Party urged to push for bloodsports ban
15 John Banville: "I'm utterly against the foul practice of hare coursing"
14 Eamon O Cuiv TD against digging out and terrierwork
14 Ireland's wildlife is relying on you - Contact TDs now
09 It's "not appropriate" to outlaw cruelty: Simon Coveney
08 Call for outright ban on digging-out animals
06 Fianna Fail Vice President "strongly opposed" to cruelty
01 Clonmel Councillor signs anti-coursing petition
October 2012
24 Vote for ICABS video
24 This Halloween, help halt the horror
22 Banned: the hunting of red deer and curlews
19 Disgust at Boylesports' continued association with coursing
18 TG4 report on protest outside Dail Eireann
17 Protest outside Dail Eireann: Thursday, October 18th
16 Faroe Islands Barbarity
12 Don't accept an Animal Welfare Bill that allows cruelty
11 Ward Union subscriptions down: Phoenix Magazine
September 2012
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 9, 2012
27 "I am no fan of coursing": Pat Kenny
26 Maureen O'Sullivan TD to seek amendments to remove coursing exemption for Bill
25 Eamon O Cuiv TD says he does not agree with anti-hunt lobby
21 Irish Animals Betrayed by New "Welfare" Bill
19 Animal Welfare Bill introduced to Dail
14 "You can certainly count me as one of your supporters": Dr Benjamin Zephaniah
14 Renewed appeal to Alan Shatter to push for blood sports ban
11 Blood sports cruelty highlighted in Sunday Independent
06 Demand end to barbaric "Toro de la Vega"
06 Millstreet TD urged to help end coursing in town park
05 "I'm totally against all blood sports": Don Mescall
August 2012
31 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 8, 2012
31 Senator John Whelan: Stag hunting is "not missed by rural Ireland"
30 Deenihan issues 2012-13 coursing licence
29 Coursing is in decline in Ireland - Help finish it
23 Save calves from fiesta torture
17 Ebay thanked for removing cruel animal traps
16 Save cubs from cubhunting cruelty
14 Hunting cruelty highlighted to Cork SPCA
10 March against animal cruelty - Dublin, Sunday, 26th August
10 Coursing cruelty: Northern Ireland versus Republic of Ireland
09 New ICABS leaflet exposes Ireland's blood sport cruelty
09 95fm asked to exclude animal cruelty from sports coverage
07 SUCCESS: "Hunter" listing removed from FAS website
July 2012
31 Clonmel hotel publicises cruelty fest as a "sporting event"
27 Dogfight puppy found with snapped jaw - witnesses sought
27 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 7, 2012
25 Renewed calls for ban on cruel hare coursing
24 What are your TDs saying about blood sports?
20 Deputies Daly and O'Sullivan call for the protection of hares
20 Matador removed from Speak Spanish webpages
20 Robert Troy wants stag hunt ban rescinded
19 Former Tanaiste Dick Spring Was Nominator Of Doped Dog
19 Brennan Group of Hotels asked to disassociate from hare coursing
19 Coveney considering fur farming submissions report
18 Fund fencing, not killing: Maureen O'Sullivan TD
17 Garda investigation into doping of coursing greyhounds
17 Senator Power: I hope Minister will consider a coursing ban
06 JP McManus asked to end coursing sponsorship
06 An Taoiseach reminded of his opposition to coursing
06 Photos: Protest against coursing sponsor, BoyleSports
04 ICABS President enquires about number of NPWS prosecutions
04 Minister is asked why illegal traps were not seized by NPWS
03 Renewed appeal to anti-coursing Taoiseach and Tanaiste
03 SUCCESS: Trip Advisor removes cruel bullrun from "Quirky Festivals" list
June 2012
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 6, 2012
29 Protest against coursing sponsor, BoyleSports
27 Trip Advisor urged to remove bullrun from "Quirky Festivals" list
27 Ask Millstreet to stop coursing in town park
22 Renewed Appeal to Boylesports to stop sponsoring hare coursing
19 No NPWS confiscation of 3,000 illegal traps
May 2012
31 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 5, 2012
29 Agriculture Minister condemns digging out as "unacceptable"
24 Horse Sport Ireland gone from National Lottery website
24 Boston College asked to remove hunting from sports directory
18 "Government does not plan to ban hare coursing": Coveney
17 Candlelight vigil for greyhounds found in mass grave
17 Online auction website removes glue traps
17 Pro-hunt body supported by National Lottery
04 Coursing Cruelty Catalogue 2011/12
02 Digest of Animal Health and "Welfare" Bill 2012 published
02 Sign the new ICABS petition
01 Labour's Patrick Nulty agrees with a ban on coursing
01 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 4, 2012
April 2012
20 NPWS challenged over whaling exhibition
19 Southern Star asked to drop hunt reports
12 Mauled hare cried out in distress: NPWS ranger
11 Greyhound grave uncovered in Limerick
06 Phil Hogan "caught hares with us when he was young"
05 Why foxes must be protected in Ireland
03 Panama bans hare coursing. When will Ireland follow?
March 2012
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 3, 2012
23 Diageo to contact Limerick Racecourse about banner removal
23 Specsavers removes banner from Limerick Racecourse
23 Appeal for poll to be pulled
22 John Halligan TD in favour of bloodsports ban
22 Hypocritical Coursing Priest
21 Hare desperately tries to escape from a coursing enclosure
21 Pro-hunt restaurateur says "fe**" animal rights activists
17 Happy St Patrick's Day to all our friends and supporters
16 Senator David Norris expresses "full support" for campaign
15 Opinion Poll: Please vote YES for a ban on coursing
15 Horrid history repeating
14 Shameful new "Animal Welfare" Bill exempts coursing and hunting
14 Limerick Racecourse and sponsors asked to reject hare coursing
14 Latest Dail Questions
13 Petition: Urge Enda Kenny to back coursing ban
08 Sotheby's representative asked to stop using hunting as selling point
02 Hares terrorised and mauled at Limerick coursing meet
01 Man beaten while monitoring hunt
February 2012
29 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 2, 2012
23 Former Judge condemns coursing as "legal torture"
16 Waterford TD "against any form of animal cruelty"
09 Taoiseach and Tanaiste opposed to coursing
07 Canon apologises for offence caused by coursing photo
07 Tens of thousands witness plight of hare
03 Farmer describes seeing Ward Union "hunting a stag with dogs"
03 Complaint to Kilkenny People about offensive pro-hunt report
02 Green Party leader supports anti-coursing protest
01 Noel Grealish TD pledges continued support to anti-coursing campaign
01 Joan Collins, TD supports a ban on coursing
January 2012
31 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 1, 2012
31 TDs announce bill to ban hare coursing
31 Labour Party Minister joins anti-coursing protest
27 Complaint to Mexican Ambassador about bull abuse
26 Gardai continuing to monitor Ward Union situation
25 Government Minister presents trophy at coursing meeting
24 Irish Independent asked to reject coursing
19 Kilkenny's Springhill Court hotel wishes luck to coursing club
18 Complaint to Church over coursing patron priest
17 The cruelty of coursing continues
17 Download "Bad Hare Days" now
13 Protest against hare coursing - January 30th
12 Meath County Councillors should be ashamed of themselves
10 The cubhunting horror "I will never forget"
06 The cruelty of pheasant shooting
05 Hunters and hounds at Ballymaloe House on New Year's Day

News - 2011

December 2011
23 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 12, 2011
22 Fis Nua party denounce hunting
20 Hunt to depart from Ballymaloe House on New Year's Day
16 Latest edition of Animal Voice magazine
16 Hunt group says hunting is "very much under threat"
14 Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2012
November 2011
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 11, 2011
23 ICABS video shortlisted in Better Together Awards
15 Sinn Fein won't support any reversal of hunting ban
08 "No commitment" to reversing ban on cruel deer hunt
08 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 10, 2011
04 Deer hunt "will be back" - Shane McEntee
02 Adidas asked to scrap bullring ad
October 2011
28 Former ICABS vice-chairman set to become Ireland's 9th President
21 Gallagher remains silent on bloodsports stance
20 Vote for ICABS in video contest
19 Larsen traps removed from Mr Middleton website
13 Make foxhunting a thing of the past
12 McGuinness not opposed to coursing and hunting
06 Animals and the Presidential Election
05 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 9, 2011
04 Ask students union to stop cruel eating of live fish
September 2011
30 Hares again running for their lives with start of coursing season
27 Golden Eagle Trust removes Larsen traps from website
27 Ask Mr Middleton to stop selling cruel traps
23 Save the Island Eddy Hares
23 10 reasons to keep hunters off your land
22 Capture of protected bird sparks fresh calls for Larsen trap ban
16 Derek Mooney highlights illegality of glue traps
14 Help save cubs from hunting cruelty
13 Call on Three to disassociate from pro-hunting group
13 Find out the facts about foxes
07 Athletics club asked to cancel pig race
02 Allianz asked to scrap hunt insurance
01 New Photo Gallery: Larsen Trap cruelty
August 2011
31 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 8, 2011
31 Demand end to barbaric "Toro de la Vega"
26 ICABS TV - Tune in Now!
24 Adverts.ie bans ads for cruel Larsen traps
17 Coursing permanently banned in Northern Ireland
17 Senator Power joins calls for end to coursing
12 New campaign video: How to eliminate the hare from coursing
12 Coursing cruelty continues with Deenihan licence
12 Landowners: Help save the Irish Hare
10 Tell Michael Moynihan TD that coursing is cruel
05 Sinn Fein asked to change its pro-coursing stance
July 2011
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 7, 2011
28 Tell Ireland's forestry board, Coillte, to stop profiting from killing
22 New campaign video: Please display on your website
21 Fianna Fail to push for animal welfare legislation
20 NPWS urged to block hare coursing licence
15 Ireland's coursing is "cruel", "sick", "horrible", "vile"
14 Failte Ireland restates anti-bloodsports stance
14 Donegal hotel asked to remove "hunting" from website
13 New Action Alert video
13 Deenihan should consider heroics of Byrne before granting licences
08 Deputy Clare Daly looks forward to day when blood sports are banned
08 Honour for homeless hero who rescued rabbit
07 Clare Daly, TD "pushing for an outright ban" on coursing
07 Foxes defended in Galway Advertiser
06 ICABS correspondence circulated to bishops
06 ICABS letter in Irish Post
06 Encourage Enda Kenny to End Animal Cruelty
01Complaint to Volvo over hunt mag ad
June 2011
30 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 6, 2011
29 "It would not bother me whether coursing was banned or not": Deenihan
29 Maureen O'Sullivan, TD asks Minister to refuse coursing licence
28 Urge Minister Deenihan to refuse hare coursing licence
24 Ban on circus wild animals a step closer in England
22 PR Association criticised for shortlist praise
22 Death of devoted animal campaigner, Anne Fitzgerald
10 ICABS highlights cruelty to awards sponsors
10 Ireland's largest online bookstore removes bullfight book
May 2011
31 Animal Voice Newsletter - Issue 5, 2011
26 Ask PR Institute to drop cruelty campaign from awards
25 Ask these hotels to disassociate from cruel coursing
17 "Animal Padre" commends ICABS on appeals to Church
13 TV3's "Truth" documentary was not based on "scientific evidence"
12 Irish personalities calling on Dept to block IGB involvement in China
12 Good Luck, Jedward!
06 Ask your TDs to support a ban on foxhunting
05 ICABS calls for IGB to abandon China plan
05 Limerick hotel asked to disassociate from coursing
04 IGB scraps deplorable plan to export greyhounds to China
03 Animals Asia calls on Irish Government to halt greyhound export
April 2011
28 Animal Voice - Issue 04, 2011
26 Ricky Gervais says NO to export of Irish greyhounds to China
21 Complaint to Italian Embassy about cruel ox race
21 ICABS again assured that Labour does not support ban reversal
20 Minister Shatter urged to push for blood sports ban
19 FBD offering insurance cover to cruel hunters
15 Mercedes takes note of ICABS concerns
15 Farmers Against Foxhunting and Trespass Chairman pays tribute to Dick Power
15 Socialist Party support for ban on hare coursing
14 Panda asked to scrap hunting website advert
13 NPWS asked to investigate Ward Union "still hunting" claim
12 Brian May pays tribute to ICABS founding member, Dick Power
08 Ireland's Golden Eagle Trust encouraging destruction of foxes and birds
07 Complaint to Church over TV3 hunt prayer
07 Response to Apprentice judge's shameful defence of coursing
06 Labour leader re-states party's opposition to hunt ban reversal
05 Limerick's Savoy Hotel offered special rate for coursers
March 2011
31 Animal Voice - Issue 03, 2011
30 Ask Clonmel's Hotel Minella to disassociate from cruel coursing
24 No agreement to reverse Ward Union hunt ban, says Labour
24 ICABS complains to TV3 about blood sports "documentary"
23 Death of ICABS founding member, Dick Power
18 Ban reversal "will be a matter for discussion": Brendan Howlin
18 The Truth About Irish Bloodsports - TV3 Documentary
04 Another cat brutally killed by hunt hounds
04 Happy St Patrick's Day 2011
03 Man arrested following seizure of 2 stags in Northern Ireland
February 2011
28 Animal Voice - Issue 02, 2011
25 FG needs to reverse stance on stag hunting
24 FG's plan to repeal ban on stag hunting is a disgrace
24 Political Parties & Blood Sports
24 Photos and video from anti-FG/staghunt protest
23 Shame on Enda Kenny and Fine Gael
22 TV3's Pete the Vet criticises Fine Gael's manifesto
23 Protest against FG's plan to reverse ban on cruel hunt - TODAY
21 Labour Party won't reverse staghunt ban: Eamon Gilmore
21 Enda Kenny confronted by ARAN protestor
19 Green Party pledge to ban coursing and hunting
18 Please print and distribute our new flyer
17 Irish Independent's Ian brands FG staghunt plan an "INSANE DECISION".
16 Listen to today's Liveline (Fine Gael and staghunt ban reversal)
15 Fis Nua denounces "all forms of animal cruelty"
15 Fine Gael threaten to reverse stag hunt ban
08 ICABS President, Maureen O'Sullivan / Dublin Central candidate
08 Cllr Cieran Perry calls for ban on coursing
04 Successful Clonmel protest against hare coursing
04 Election 2011 - Make your vote count for the animals
04 The Animals Get My Vote!
January 2011
26 Trapped: Terrorised hares packed into wooden box
26 Animal Voice - Issue 01 2011
21 "Coursing is going to continue": Minister Gormley
20 New ICABS Car Sticker
14 Animal Voice - Winter 2010-11
14 Maureen O'Sullivan, TD asks Minister Gormley to ban cruel bird traps
12 Peaceful protest against coursing: February 2nd, 2011
11 Ask Minister Gormley to stop coursers who breached conditions

News - 2010

December 2010
23 Animal Voice - Issue 12 2010
23 Temporary closure of the hunting season for wild birds
21 Happy Christmas 2010 from all at ICABS
21 Send an ICABS e-card
21 Maureen O'Sullivan, TD calls for severe weather hunting ban
17 "I'm against any type of blood sport": Cllr Gino Kenny
03 Candle Light Vigil for Animals - December 10th
November 2010
26 Animal Voice - Issue 11 2010
10 Red Mills wishes luck to cruel coursers
05 Complaint about priest who is coursing club patron
04 Speak out against cruel bull of fire event
02 The shameful licences that allow coursing to continue
October 2010
29 Animal Voice: October 2010
22 Renewed appeal to Coillte to protect wildlife
21 New Facebook page targets animal sales on Donedeal.ie
20 Samsonite asked to drop Bullfight ad
21 Irish pet food company listed as coursing sponsor
20 SUCCESS: Greenspan move to end coursing support
19 Anti-coursing demo a great success
19 SUCCESS: Edenderry company disassociates from coursing meeting
14 Protest against coursing on October 17th
13 Renewed appeal to Red Mills: Please disassociate from coursing
12 Northern Ireland coursing ban still on track
07 Award acknowledges Minister John Gormley's progressive animal welfare measures
07 Clergy out of blood sports - Appeal to Cardinal Brady
05 We won't reverse staghunt ban - Labour Leader
September 2010
30 Investigation ongoing into capture of island hares
29 Animal Voice - September 2010
28 Priest presented trophy at coursing meeting
23 Animal Voice Action Alerts 2010
22 Complaint to Catholic Church over priest's coursing connection
17 Animal Welfare Dinner - October 4th
10 Kilkenny People asked to disassociate from coursing
02 Join our appeal against ads for blood sport dogs
August 2010
27 Disappointment expressed to NPWS over latest coursing recommendation
26 Pinned hare seen "hanging limp" from greyhound's mouth
25 Success: Lonely Planet removes bullfight images from Madrid gallery
25 ICABS complaint over coursing on BBC's Coast
24 Irish Times thanked for dropping cruel Larsen trap
24 Department investigating hare netting from islands
18 Landowners: Help save the Irish Hare
17 Coursing cruelty highlighted on LMFM
17 Destroyed: Hare with dislocated hip
12 Coursers get cruelty licence
12 New Slideshow: Illegal traps in Ireland
11 FALSE: ICC suggestion that all hares are released
06 Action Alerts
06 National Parks and Wildlife Service asked to remove hunting links
03 Minister Gormley urged to stop licensing coursing
July 2010
30 New campaign: Ban cruel Larsen traps
29 Bullfighting banned in Catalonia
27 Animal Voice: July 2010
16 Labour Party TDs urged hunting group to "keep up the pressure"
16 Beginning of the campaign against the Ward Union hunt (1991)
15 What's wrong with hunting? ICABS replies to Mary O'Rourke's Dail question
14 Clonmel Chamber of Commerce asked to Stop Promoting Coursing Cruelty
13 "Ban all blood sports": Socialist Party Youth
05 Labour's animal welfare U-turn is a "shameful deception": Mary White, TD
02 Labour Party criticised for voting against staghunt ban
01 Ward Union Ban: "Tony would have been proud"
01 ICABS thanks Deputy Tommy Broughan for vote abstention
01 Senator Bacik thanked for refusing to vote against stag hunt ban
June 2010
30 Did your TDs vote for or against the staghunt ban?
30 ICABS applauds Minister John Gormley and the Green Party on the success of staghunt ban
29 Labour TDs reminded of their anti-blood sports views ahead of vote to ban cruel Ward Union deerhunt
28 Fianna Fail Councillor Shane Cassells conveys majority support for ban
28 Majority want Ward Union BANNED - Latest poll
25 URGENT ACTION ALERTS - Ban the Ward Union hunt
24 Dail debate on Ward Union ban - What did your TD have to say?
24 Watch Live NOW: Dail debate on Ward Union ban
24 Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council calls for Ward Union ban
24 Labour's shameful U-turn on cruelty
23 Will Labour support the deerhunt ban?
23 Hare coursing to be banned in Northern Ireland
11 Fine Gael Road Safety Spokesperson is challenged on Ward Union support
04 Compassionate Cavan Councillors thanked for not supporting hunting motion
02 Meath Councillors "should be ashamed of themselves"
01 Animal Voice: May 2010
May 2010
27 Ask Labour Party to vote in favour of a Ward Union ban
27 Success: Hotel thanked for removing foxhunting info from brochure
26 Nature park confirms no permission given to coursers to net hares
21 Stagg's stunning U-turn on blood sports
18 "Phoney war is being waged by Fianna Fail backbenchers"
14 "I am absolutely against this horrific activity": Cllr Victor Boyhan
13 "You have given me food for thought": Senator Feargal Quinn
07 "It's unnecessary suffering. It's as simple as that": Ward Union cruelty condemned at meeting
06 IFA asked to clarity position on blood sports
06 ICABS responds to Senator who "cannot discern where cruelty is involved"
05 Labour's Willie Penrose asked to show compassion
April 2010
29 Major Public Meeting RE Deerhunt Ban
23 Ward Union deer shot dead with bolt gun
23 Animal Voice: April 2010
22 Majority support a ban on Ward Union
20 The Bill that will ban carted deer hunting
16 ICABS criticises milk group over pro-hunting stance
09 Politicians and blood sports
08 ICABS responds to Ruby Walsh's hunting statement
08 Mobile Phone Action Alert: Stop the Ward Union
02 New ICABS leaflet exposes deerhunting cruelty
March 2010
25 Cruelty of blood sports highlighted on RTE's Frontline
19: Donedeal drops ads for dogs used in blood sports
19: Blood sports debate this Monday on RTE's Frontline
16: Another Ward Union deer chased into river
12: Cowardly hunters run scared of RTE's Frontline
12: Happy St Patrick's Day 2010
12: Hotel presents foxhunting as a local activity
04: Galway TD urged to support Ward Union ban
04: Queen's university's hare research criticised
03: ICABS tells bishop: Clergy blessing hunt dogs is inappropriate
02: Farmer "angry that a hunt came across his land without permission"
February 2010
26: Urge Labour and Fine Gael to back ban on staghunting
24: Animal Voice Magazine: Issue 1, 2010
17: Westmeath Senators criticised for defending hunters and coursers
17: Ward Union "putting people's lives at risk"
11: Success: Pet company stops coursing-related competition
05: "No exemptions for hunts": Ask your TDs/Senators to act
04: Protestors call for ban on cruel hare coursing
02: Positive response to GOAL appeal
January 2010
07: Cancel the licence extension: Renewed appeal to Minister Gormley
26: ICABS responds to Kevin Myers' pro-hunt article
26: Animal Voice: January 2010
20: Urgent appeal to Minister: Don't exempt hunts from fees
19: Revoke licence "on public safety grounds": Deputy O'Sullivan
19: Peaceful protest against coursing: February 3rd
19: I support ban on Ward Union: Fianna Fail Cllr Noel Leonard
14: Hunt ban legislation will be published "as soon as possible"
14: Success: Hospital will no longer associate with Ward Union
13: ICABS responds to Carberry's hunt ban comments
12: Praise for Irish Kidney Association for refusing hunt fundraiser
12: Please send this letter to Enda Kenny
12: Please fax, post or email this poster to Minister Gormley
08: Success: Travel company thanked for matador removal

News - 2009

December 2009
23: Happy Christmas from all at ICABS
23: Green TD's astounding suggestion to deerhunt: hunt foxes or hares instead
18: Legislation to outlaw grotesque hunt will be introduced
18:Cruelty to horses in Waterford: Renewed appeal for information
16:Revoke hunt's licence before someone gets killed
09:Species Protection Unit questioned over coursing licence
03:Animal Voice - December 2009
01:Ask Irish MEP to stop defending fur farming
November 2009
27: Val Falvey producers asked to stop trivialising dogfighting
27: Success: Online card company thanked for removing bullring cards
25: John Gormley to extend coursing season into March 2010
12: Success: Shop fined €500 for unlawful glue traps
11: Revealed: Minister Gormley's licence for coursing cruelty
04: Horrendous - Spain's "bull on fire" event
04: Ban digging out and terrierwork: please support our campaign
04: Please join the rally for animals on December 6th
October 2009
23: Success: MySpace thanked for removing foxhunting advert
22: Fine Gael challenged on blood sports stance
22: Offaly protest highlights suffering of hares
21: Urgent appeal to Google: "Stop advertising foxhunting"
20: Animal Voice - October 2009
14: The animals get my vote
13: ICABS responds to vet's defence of cruel coursing
12: Carted deerhunt ban in sight
09: Gormley grants coursing AND deerhunting licences
07: "I'm no fan of coursing": RTE's Pat Kenny
September 2009
25: Animal Voice: Issue 11 2009
22: Complaint to Fianna Fail over Ned O'Keeffe's pro-coursing comment
22: Gormley trying to secure "eventual abolition of hare coursing"
18: Please report breaches of the Wildlife Act
18: Tom and Jerry book publisher asked to remove "Bullfighter Tom"
17: Gormley ignored appeal from RSPCA Vice-President
15: John Gormley Issues 2009-10 Hare Coursing Licence
11: Vodafone thanked for withdrawing advert
10: Animal Action Alert image for mobile phones
10: Great news for NI hares: Proposal to extend protection till 2010
10: Minister John Gormley - No more coursing licences
08: Run the mini-marathon and help raise funds for ICABS
04: Sinn Fein TD's pledge to get blood sports motion rescinded
03: Animal Voice - "Save the Hares" Edition
August 2009
25: Animal Cruelty Investigation Group joins calls for end to coursing
18: Irish Hare Initiative calls for coursing licence refusal
18: "Stop publicising foxhunting": Join our appeal to RTE TV
13: Protest against Minister Gormley's coursing licences
05: Greek Green Party appeal to Minister John Gormley
July 2009
23: Minister Gormley - Stop Licensing Coursing (New Action Alert Poster)
17: Gerry Ryan criticised over upbeat Pamplona bullrun coverage
14: Help keep illegal animal traps out of Ireland
08: University equestrian club told not to engage in foxhunting
02: Aer Lingus thanked for removing matador image
02: Animal Voice Newsletter - June July 2009
June 2009
26: Hunting the Innocent: a poem about the plight of foxes
26: Rangers & hunting holidays issue still being examined
25: French tourism body urged to end bullfight promotion
19: Lonely Planet to increase emphasis on opposition to bullfighting
09: Renewed appeal to Buy & Sell to stop listing dogs used in blood sports
05: Mutilated coursing dogs found dumped on Limerick beach
04: Investigation into allegations of hunt holidays organised by NPWS rangers
May 2009
29: "Ban Bullfighting News" Magazine - Download Now!
21: ICABS praises Irish MEPs for supporting EU ban on seal products
20: Mooney show criticised for fox misinformation
20: 10,066 dogs killed in Irish pounds last year
15: Paddy Power ceases cruel bullfight bets
13: Distribution of illegal Nooski animal trap stopped
08: Unlawful animal traps seized in Kildare following ICABS action
08: Ask Portuguese mayor to stop July bullfights
07: Minister Gormley shown photos of deer being dragged out of river
06: New Action Alert Poster - Stop badger snaring
01: Defence Minister "fully supports" ICABS campaign
April 2009
30: Animal Voice Newsletter - April 2009
29: Ban digging out and terrierwork: appeal to Agriculture Minister
29: ICABS videos viewed 1/2 million times
29: New campaign posters - please print and display
24: HSE hospital prevents swallows from accessing nest
22: Deer hunted for two and a half hours and captured in river
17: Ranger narrowly avoids killing Ward Union deer
07: Aengus Ó Snodaigh, TD calls for ban on blood sports
03: Ask Spanish town to exclude bullfighting from fiesta
01: Follow ICABS on Twitter
01: New Campaign Video: Ban Coursing in Ireland
March 2009
26: Animal Voice - March 2009
26: New Action Alert Poster
20: Concern that hound attacks "could result in the death of a child"
20: Church asked to reject hunters' "blood money"
18: Cruelty in Yucatan: "Pertinent measures be will taken"
18: Aengus Ó Snodaigh, TD calls for ban on blood sports
12: Bullfighting dropped from Andrea Bocelli concert display
07: Protest at Green Party conference today
06: Animal Voice Action Alerts - Issue 1 2009
04: Sinn Fein backs blood sports ban
03: Buy & Sell urged to stop listing hunting dogs
February 2009
27: Animal Voice - February 2009
26: Elderly couple left traumatised after hounds maul cat to death
24: Sunday Times exposes horrors of badger baiting in Ireland
17: Stop the cruelty: Join our appeal to Mexican Ambassador
12: VISA urged to "Stop giving money to shooting group"
11: Traffic chaos as deer hunt strays on to public road
06: Join our appeal to Boylesports to stop sponsoring coursing
04: RTE's Drivetime show criticised for broadcasting coursing results
03: Cancelled: protest against coursing
03: ICABS responds to columnist's pro-hunt remarks
03: Keep coursing out of sports coverage: Appeal to RTE
January 2009
01: Stag forced to swim across Boyne to escape hunters
02: Deep sadness at death of Tony Gregory, TD - the Animals' Champion
11: Tributes to Tony Gregory
00: Protest against hare coursing - 4th February 2009
22: Another cat brutally attacked and killed during hunt
30: Failte Ireland removes blood sports content

News - 2008

December 2008
25: Happy Christmas from ICABS
19: Labour TD questions minister about coursing in new legislation
18: Horses brutally attacked: Gardai appeal for information
17: Join our weekly protest against Minister Gormley's coursing licence - WEEK 10-11
10: "I'm utterly against coursing": author John Banville
10: Hunt followers attempt to hide cruelty
09 Join our weekly protest against Gormley's coursing licence - WEEK 9
09: Minister questioned over duration of deerhunt season
02: Join our weekly protest against Gormley's coursing licence - WEEK 8
November 2008
26: Latest Dail Question from Tony Gregory, TD
28: Join our weekly protest against Gormley's coursing licence - WEEK 7
25: Let's be friends on Bebo, MySpace, Youtube
25: New book: Bad Hare Days by John Fitzgerald
25: Free ICABS Christmas Cards - Download now!
21: ICABS hunt monitor nearly hit by horse
20: Anti-blood sports appeal to Press Photographers Association
18: Join our weekly protest against Gormley's coursing licence - WEEK 6
13: Animal Voice - November 2008
11: Join our weekly protest against Gormley's coursing licence - WEEK 5
07: 22 hares dead in first three weeks of coursing season
07: Join our weekly protest against Gormley's coursing licence - WEEK 4
04: CentralR thanked for removing foxhunting
October 2008
31: Mid Ireland Tourism thanked for removing foxhunting
31: This Halloween, join the campaign against blood sports
31: Join our weekly protest against Gormley's coursing licence - WEEK 3
30: Stop publicising foxhunting: Appeal to Mid Ireland Tourism
29: Animal Voice - October 2008
24: Join our weekly protest against Gormley's coursing licence
23: Hotel asked to act to remove foxhunting from listing
22: New Poster: Fox Friendly Farm
17: Join our weekly protest against Gormley's coursing licence
17: New Poster: No hunters, No hounds, No excuses
16: New Poster: Ward Union Unwelcome
16: Revealed: The deerhunting licence granted by Minister John Gormley
03: Hasbro asked to scrap Monopoly matador
01: Animal Voice - The 2008 Annual Edition
September 2008
25: Please join the rally for animals on October 5th
25: Disappointment as Gormley green lights Ward Union hunt
24: Gormley's coursing extension criticised in Independent
24: Estrella Damm asked to remove bullring banner
24: Coca Cola to remove banner from Barcelona bullring
18: Gardai called after hunt invades fox sanctuary
17: Farmers: Please help the Irish Hare
04: Animal Voice - September 2008
03: Minister Gormley grants coursing licence
03: Hunters decline debate in Dublin newspaper
August 2008
29:Hare coursing ban extended in Northern Ireland
29:11th Hour Plea to Minister Gormley
29:Register your opposition to "Toro de la Vega" barbarity
27:Animal Voice - August 2008
22:Wet weather warning for wildlife
22:Capture data adds to fears for hares
20:Minister Gormley: Take the hare out of coursing
15:Minister Gormley urged to refuse coursing licence
08:ICABS TV 1: Launching on Friday, August 8th, 2008
08:ICABS welcomes IFA president's shunning of pro-hunt event
07:ICABS criticises IFA for planned address to pro-hunt seminar
05:Paddy Power directors criticised over bullring bets
01:Opening on August 8th: The Fox and the Child
08:08.08.08 - 8 action alerts for 8 animals in 8 minutes
July 2008
25: Urge the Green party to ban blood sports
25: ICABS submission calls for complete blood sports ban
25:ICABS urges ban on horrific ferreting
18: UK scraps badger cull; Ireland says killing here is "inevitable"
09: Hare found with bleeding leg: More coursing cruelty revealed
04: ICABS calls on Vodafone to drop bullfighting from ad
02: Urgent: Demand stop to bullring bets in Burgos
02: Xerox confirms Ronaldo bullring ad "will not be run again"
June 2008
27: Urgent: Demand stop to bullring bets in Leon and Zamora
25: ICABS responds to Deputy Michael Creed's beagling remarks
25: Intervene to end appalling bets: appeal to Paddy Power directors
19: New Campaign Video: Paddy Power - Stop the Bullring Bets
13: Cruel glue traps confiscated from Leinster shop
13: Submissions invited for new Animal Welfare Bill
12: Fine Gael's Michael Creed asked to stop defending beagling
May 2008
30: Animal Voice - May 2008
27: Hares have decreased in recent years: NPWS
26: Act now to save precious wildlife
23: Lodge protest with your local Paddy Power shop
21: Status of Irish hares is "poor": Latest report
15: Paddy Power urged to "Stop Barbaric Bets"
14: Google thanked for removing bullfight adverts
13: Renewed appeal: Help rid Ireland of illegal glue traps
09: Google: We will not disallow bullfight ads
09: Latest Dail Question: Badger Snaring Cruelty
07: MEP contacts Parliament President about bullfight exhibition
07: Minister still entitled to refuse future Ward Union licence
07: Beaglers told to assume end to season extensions
April 2008
30: Illegality of deer hunt highlighted on Today FM
30: Wildlife Presentations: The badger
29: Slideshow exposes victims of Dept's cruel badger snaring
24: Minister Gormley settles with Ward Union
24: Animal Voice - April 2008
23: Hotel asked to disassociate from coursing
18: Subscribe to the ICABS RSS feed
09: Google urged to remove hurtful bullfighting ad links
09: ICABS responds to Galway student's hunting claims
09: Sickened hunter calls for "life ban" on 2 hunts
08: Galway cat relives fond foxy memories
04: Hunt supporter's sickening admission: I kill foxes with baseball bat
04: Foxes dug out and "brutally assaulted" in Wexford
04: Please display an ICABS campaign banner
04: Wildlife is welcome, golf club tells ICABS
03: Help Irish Foxes - Join the campaign today
02: Doomed badger struggled for 24 hours in Dept snare
March 2008
28: Call for Garda investigation into fox cruelty allegations
27: Arrow Tours remove bullfight image
21: Irish singer recounts fox encounter
20: Stay away from canal: Waterways Ireland's message to hunt
20: ICABS Campaign Text Alerts
19: Sligo TD asked to consider hunting cruelty
14: Animal Voice - March 2008
14: Banned British hunters target Irish foxes
14: Animal Voice - Print and distribute today!
14: This St Patrick's Day, celebrate Ireland's wildlife heritage
13: RTE radio show provides platform for hunt misinformation
13: Heritage Council questioned over wildlife grant to gun club
12: Outrage at killing of "magnificent" neighbourhood fox
12: View all ICABS videos on your mobile phone
07: Hare hunters refused licence
07: Noel Treacy asked to stop pandering to hunters
04: New mobile campaign video - Download now!
February 2008
29: Animal Voice - February 2008
28: Please join us for Galway University foxhunt debate
28: New ICABS Banner: Please display today
27: New Petition: Ban Blood Sports in Ireland in 2008
27: Coursing cruelty highlighted to Clonmel mayor
27: Fantastic Fox Photos
26: Galway fox chased for 80 minutes
22: Irish tour company responds positively to bullring appeal
21: New Campaign Poster: "No Hunters, No Hounds"
20: Minister urged to revoke deer hunt licence
20: Coming soon to cinemas: The Fox and the Child
15: Appalling hunt cruelty: Fox forced to swim for its life
14: Irish MEP is "odd man out" in support for cruel seal hunt
14: RTE classifies coursing as sport: Join our appeal now
08: Coursing cruelty captured by media
08: New documentary about hunter turned campaigner
06: Protest coverage on RTE News
06: Protest highlights continued coursing cruelty
06: Protest to highlight catalogue of coursing cruelty
01: Animal Voice - January 2008
January 2008
04: Coillte! Keep hunts out of our forests!
09: ICABS letter in Sunday Independent
09: New ICABS Badges
10: Hunters run scared of Late Late Show
18: Protest against hare coursing - February 6th
23: Limerick landowners reminded of anti-hunt rights
24: Download a protest poster
29: Ward Union deer abandonment is cruel

News - 2007

December 2007
21: Animal Voice - December 2007
19: Restricted licence for Ward Union deer hunt
18: Hunt is illegal, say eminent legal experts
18: ICABS Christmas appeal to landowners
13: New Poster: Download and Display today!
13: Anti-hunt campaign is "well organised" says hunt group
06: Tony Gregory questions Ministers about foxhunt cruelty
06: Predictable outcome as foxhunters investigate themselves
06: ICABS Christmas Cards - Download now!
05: The truth about foxes: new ICABS slideshow
04: Beverley Flynn TD urges Minister to refuse deerhunt licence
November 2007
23: Call for Garda investigation into alleged foxhunt incident
22: ICABS responds to misinformation from deerhunt supporters
22: Farm group wants Ward Union banned
21: Pro-hunt email doesn't reflect company opinions: Sherry Fitzgerald
16: The Ward Union Hunt - Cruel from beginning to end
08: Animal Voice - Print and distribute today!
07: New mobile phone campaign video - Download now!
06: Meath majority want Ward Union banned
02: Animal Voice - November 2007
October 2007
31: Arthur Morgan, TD urges "total ban" on Ward Union
25: Senator Bacik joins calls for Ward Union ban
24: Deer chased on to "busy public road"
23: Tony Gregory reminds Minister about deerhunt cruelty
23: Terence Flanagan, TD joins calls for end to deer hunt
19: Ward Union deer choked to death in wood
18: Iarnrod Eireann contacts hunt about reported track trespass
18: The cattery fox
17: New mp4 campaign video - Download now!
17: ICABS responds to Cllr's call for mink elimination
16: Withhold hunt licence: Labour Party leader
16: Hunters slam Ward Union carted deer hunt
05: Animal Voice - World Animal Week Special Edition
05: Details emerging about dead Ward Union deer
04: Bishop advocates mercy towards all creatures
03: Gardai asked to tackle crimes against animals
02: Tony Gregory questions Minister about blood sport licensing
02: Happy World Animal Week
02: ICABS videos viewed 1/4 million times
02: ICABS responds to Paul Carberry deer claim
September 2007
28: ICABS blasts "coursing is humane" claim
27: Fox in the garden
26: The beauty of Irish wildlife
25: Animal Voice - September 2007
20: Ban this despicable blood sport
19: Meath TD slammed for defending animal cruelty
14: Scrap the matador avatar
14: Hare suffering evidence presented to former Minister
13: Westmeath coursing club refused licence
13: Kathy Sinnott, MEP joins calls for blood sports bans
07: Coursers get go-ahead from Minister
06: Tony Gregory urges Minister to ban coursing
05: Witness the cruelty of blood sports in Ireland
31: Latest appeal: Print and post today
31: Swiss Greens support ICABS appeal to Irish Greens
31: Hare "squealed with distress": more coursing cruelty uncovered
August 2007
31: No more in-flight bullfights
30: Green Party urged to honour pre-election pledge
28: Video: Paddy Power - Stop the bloody bullring bets
23: Paddy Power's grotesque bullfighting bets
22: Minister Gormley implored to end hare coursing
22: Anti-bullfight ad rejected by French watchdog
09: Take the hare out of coursing
07: New anti-bullfighting leaflet
03: Positive coverage for fox in newspaper
02: Join our call for licences to be refused
July 2007
31: Foxhounds pose danger to human health
27: Thomas Cook removes bullfighting from websites
25: "You have my full support": Sean Hughes
25: New Bill promises proper protection for animals
24: Former matador reveals bullfighting's hidden horrors
19: Slatterys thanked for removing bullring from tour
19: Boycott bullfighting: ICABS appeal to holidaymakers
18: Bullfighting is not a "cultural highlight"
17: Podcast guides for foxwatching enthusiasts
12: Animal Voice - 2007 Anti-bullfighting Special Edition
10: Dublin-based company recommending bullfight visit
06: Unlawful trap appeal
05: Drop bullring from Spanish tour: appeal to Slatterys
June 2007
29: ICABS on Bebo
29: Campaign against fiesta involving chasing of bull into sea
29: Spanish bank asked to withdraw bullring adverts
29: AA asked to drive bullfighting out of travel guides
28: Stop making fun of bullrunning: appeal to Unilever
27: Pepsi contacts Mexican bullring following ICABS appeal
27: AIB to delete bullrun from radio advert
26: We got it wrong with bullrun prize: 2FM
22: Bullring visit in Abbey Travel itinerary
20: Lastminute.com removing bullfighting references from website
20: Unilever urged to drop bullrun TV ad
20: Biggest ever anti-bullfight protest in Spain
19: Companies asked to stop supporting Lisbon bullfighting
19: Coria cruelty
15: Candy killer in bad taste
14: Ticketmaster asked to stop selling bullfight tickets
13: Drop bullrun prize: appeal to 2FM and SEAT
13: Coursing club fined for illegally hunting hares
12: Lastminute.com presenting bullfighting as "attraction"
07: The barbarity of bullfighting in France
01: An historic day in anti-bullfighting campaign
May 2007
31: Boycott Bullfighting Blackspots
30: Ryanair's Michael O'Leary poses as matador
30: Major hotel operators remove bullfighting from website
23: Animal Voice - Special Edition - 2007 General Election
15: Blood sports views of Irish politicians
10: Corrie star supports our campaign
10: Tony Gregory No. 1
10: Greens poised to ban blood sports
10: Fox hunters are the pests
03: Animal Voice - May 2007
02: Fianna Fail committed to coursing continuing
April 2007
27: Musician withdraws from pro-hunt concert
26: Coursing listed in Eagle Star calendar
25: Environment Minister does NOT support foxhunting
20: Irish majority want foxhunt ban: latest opinion poll
20: Coca Cola removes advert's bullrun scene
19: No plans for bans: Fine Gael
10: Socialist Party would support blood sports ban
05: Aer Lingus regrets offence caused
05: Bullfighting - a hellish nightmare for animals
04: Animal Voice - April 2007
March 2007
29: Aer Lingus recommends visit to bullfight
29: Cancer Society asked to honour anti-hunt promise
28: "Vulpine suicide" - the foxes chased to their horrific deaths
28: The campaign continues, Kildalkey residents assured
21: Stop publicising blood sports: appeal to Limerick websites
21: Fine Gael would NOT ban hunting: claim
16: ICABS Dublin Support Group invites you to join
15: Bertie Ahern pictured with blood sport groups
15: Go wild this holiday weekend - Happy St Patrick's Day 2007
13: Woman "severely injured" after being bitten by hunt hounds
07: Bishops consider blood sports at meeting
06: Hunt literature removed from midlands tourist offices
02: Department cruelly snaring badgers - and pets
02: Iarnrod Eireann to contact hunts about trespass
01: Exhibit true picture of hunting: appeal to Laois Council
February 2007
28: Terror as hunt invades farmyard
21: New nature gallery
16: Animal Voice - February 2007
15: Shannon Development to stop publicising hunting
15: Ganly Walters re-establishes anti-hunt policy
13: The fox and the fruit
09: ICABS Goes Mobile at banbloodsports.com/wap
07: Tony Gregory raises Ward Union issue in Dail Eireann
07: Property Partners remove hunt reference from website
07: Bullrunning - on the Coke side of life
06: Renewed call for coursing ban as cruelty continues
06: Drag hunting option "a possibility": Ward Union master
02: New declaration seeking EU ban on bullfighting
02: Farming group demands deer hunt ban
01: ICABS TV: Hunts on Roads
January 2007
31: Call for licence withdrawal as deer hunt resumes
31: ISPCA joins calls for hunt ban
30: Ranger vacancies in blood sport black spots
30: Hunt paintings show only half the story
26: Call for Garda Inquiry into Deer Hunt Cruelty
26: Ireland's rarest mammal on the increase
25: Ward Union suspend carted deer hunt
24: Bedlam as Ward Union invades school playground
23: Some unpleasant truths about hunting
19: Animal Voice - Winter 2006-07
19: Cat killed during hunt
11: We'll end blood sports: Greens
10: Teagasc removes fox destruction webpage

News - 2006

December 2006
15: ICABS TV - Exposing Blood Sport Cruelty to the World
12: Animal Voice - December 2006
06: Property hunting: estate agent lists blood sport
November 2006
30: Otter decline sparks fresh call for mink hunt ban
18: Animal Voice -
17: Coursing: hare "almost completely broken off"
09: ICABS Christmas Cards - Download now!
08: Rally for animals on December 10th
03: Horrendous - Spain's "bull on fire" event
September 2006
29: Another season of terror begins
08: Hunts on roads: Gay given evidence
01: Stop coursing, release hares
August 2006
31: De Rossa pressing for ban on cat and dog fur trade
30: Ban bull-bird barbarity
25: Thumbs up for draghunting on TG4
24: I've no plans to ban coursing: Minister O'Donoghue
18: Animal Voice -
16: Failte Ireland's anti-hunt move welcomed
15: Tourism body reminded of hunt barbarity
08: ICABS benefit gig - great music and a great cause
08: Ryanair recommends visit to cruel bullrun
01: Animal Voice - 2006 Bullfighting Edition
July 2006
13: Boycott bullfighting black spots
05: Bank apologises for foxhunt advert
June 2006
28: Company thanked for removing website's bullfight content
28: Horses - the forgotten victims of bullfighting
23: Animal Voice -
21: Response to Sean Power's coursing comments
15: Green TD calls for complete coursing ban
15: Coursing views voiced during Dail debate
01: Offaly coursers lose licence
01: Northern Ireland: Majority oppose blood sports
May 2006
31: Irish company publicises bullfighting
25: IFA is "selling out": anti-hunt farming group
23: Benjamin Zephaniah expresses support for ICABS campaign
23: Hare Cam
April 2006
21: Department snarers condemned as "blackguards"
19: Pearse Brothers "totally opposed" to coursing: Senator Margaret Pearse
07: Near miss for biker as hunt encroaches on to main road
06: Call for crackdown on sale of illegal traps
06: Trespassing hunts will be "dealt with severely": farmers group
05: Scrap falconry centre: Renewed appeal to County Council
March 2006
31: Sports minister evades greyhound doping questions
30: Disappointing performance from Ronaldo
24: Hare protection extended in North as hunt season extended in Republic
23: "Pure evil": the use of terriers in blood sports
22: Vinnie Jones' winning greyhound "involved" in positive drug test
21: The Impact of Enclosed Hare Coursing on Irish hares
17: Happy Saint Patrick's Day
16: McCririck condemns whipping of race horses
16: Future Ryanair newsletters to be bullfight-free
10: Animal Voice -
08: Shocking photos show why coursing must be banned
07: Protest against barbaric slaughter of seals in Canada
03: Pressure mounts for hares as beagling licence issued
February 2006
24: Ambulance slowed down during hunt
16: Rangers nail cruel bird trapper
15: Run for the animals this summer
03: Coursing cruelty captured by media
January 2006
31: Animal Voice - January/February 2006
27: Majority want live hare coursing banned
27: Coursers told to bog off
20: Paddy Power asked to disassociate from blood sport
20: Pet food company "will not be sponsoring" coursing event
18: Applications invited for biodiversity fund
13: Shock Disease and Irish Hares
12: BBC highlights UK hunters in Ireland
00: International protest against hare coursing

News - 2005

December 2005
23: Christmas Greetings from ICABS
14: Ban Blood Sports in 2006 - New Petition
09: Help rid Ireland of cruel glue traps
08: Animal Voice - December 2005
08: ICABS Christmas Cards - Download now!
07: Minister questioned about Ward Union hunt
02: Candle light vigil for Irish animals
November 2005
30: Two deer hounded to death during Ward Union hunt
18: Photo: Captive hares in coursing enclosure
09: Animal Voice - Autumn-Winter 2005
04: Animal Voice - November 2005
02: Chorus flier suggests trip to cruel bullrun
October 2005
25: How can I help get blood sports banned?
20: Halloween 2005 - Campaign Poster
20: Tax exemption for hunts: Minister Cowen questioned
13: Coursing fixtures list revealed
12: Scrap falconry centre: Appeal to County Council
September 2005
30: End bullfighting in France
21: Deer hunt licensed for 2005-06 season
20: Corrie's Kate urging fur boycott
16: Animal Voice - September 2005
14: Coursers get licence for 2005-06 season
02: Hunters may benefit from Stena's ferry discount
August 2005
26: Urgent appeal to Minister Dick Roche
July 2005
14: Five found guilty over Kildare dog fight
07: Is Ireland in breach of EU Habitats Directive?
06: Stop promoting bullfighting: appeal to Abbey Travel
06: "No more cruelty festival funding": appeal to Failte Ireland
June 2005
24: Call for Garda investigation into pig massacre
24: Hares and Rabbits Fact Sheet
21: Minister considers concerns over coursers' compliance
09: Heritage Council classifies hare as a "declining species"
02: Animal Voice - June 2005
May 2005
24: Joe Higgins asks Minister to stop licensing coursing
13: Irish Bishops don't condone hunt blessings
05: Holidaymakers - Make your holiday cruelty-free!
April 2005
28: Urgent need for full hare protection
26: Animal Voice - April 2005
22: ICABS launches new online petition
01: I love hare coursing: Tipperary TD
March 2005
31: Species Action Plan - Feedback invited
29: Dail rejects Fur Farming (Prohibition) Bill
23: Coursers to get 296,000 Euro of taxpayers' cash
17: New Petition: Cuirtear cosc le spóirt fola in Éirinn i 2005
10: Canada: Stop the baby seal slaughter
08: Animal Voice - March 2005
February 2005
23: Minister shoots down proposal to open nature reserves to hunters
18: ICABS welcomes British hunt ban
15: Tony Gregory questions licensing of Ward Union
09: Shocking BBC report exposes deerhunt
02: Latest Dail Questions from Tony Gregory
01: Coursing opposed by eight in ten
January 2005
31: Appeal to Minister - Make this the last ever coursing cruelty fest!
28: Stress and Capture Myopathy in Hares
21: Proposal to ban bullfighting in France
14: Animal Voice - January 2005
14: Badger extermination "not viable" say Irish researchers
06: Hare species - protected in Northern Ireland, persecuted in Republic
05: Ban Blood Sports in 2005 - New Petition

News - 2004

December 2004
23: Trevor Sargent calls for end to coursing licences
22: Minister urged to stand firm on state lands policy
16: Foxhunt trespass highlighted in Dail
08: Controversial deerhunt licence revealed
08: Candle light vigil for Irish animals
02: Animal Voice - December 2004
November 2004
16: ICABS plea to British Government: No Compromise On Cruelty
11: Coursing season details revealed
02: "China Daily" criticises Shanghai bullfights
October 2004
27: Animal Voice - October 2004
20: Latest Dail Q&A from Tony Gregory
16: Halloween 2004 - Campaign Poster
13: UCC foxhunting debate - this evening!
12: Call for ministerial inquiry into sport horse cruelty
08: "Man About Dog" film has got it wrong
07: No funds to coursers in "last ten years"
September 2004
28: Swatch Watch ends RDS Hunt Chase sponsorship
22: Coursing claims are absurd: Conservationists
21: Animal Voice - September 2004
15: ICABS congratulates UK Government on Hunting Bill
09: Celebs tell Tony Blair: Keep your hunt ban promise
07: New Campaign Poster - Download and display today!
03: Snared badger suffers horrific injuries
August 2004
31: Priest plugs cruel hunt
27: New Campaign Poster - Download it Now!
19: Urban Foxes
12: ICABS launches campaign postcards
July 2004
30: Animal Voice Newsletter - Summer 2004 Edition
16: Failte Ireland endorses blood sports festival
13: Lodge protest against Pamplona bull run
07: Stress and Capture Myopathy in Hares
June 2004
30: Irish rugby jersey auctioned at hunt cruelty fundraiser
29: Ban bullfights in Catalonia
02: Coca-Cola order removal of bullring banner
May 2004
25: Taxpayers want coursing outlawed, not grant-aided
19: Help expose illegal cockfighters
April 2004
27: Campaign to help protect goats from shooters
27: New fox photo gallery
07: Barcelona declared anti-bullfighting city
06: Foxes not a major cause of lamb losses
01: Irish Greyhound Board questioned about coursing
March 2004
31: Animal Voice - April 2004
23: Minister questioned about legality of Ward Union
17: Banish blood sports from Ireland
14: Star Sunday exposes millionaire members of hunt
11: Kane report damning of Ward Union
11: Deerhunt plea to Garda Commissioner and Minister for Justice
10: Carted Deer Hunting: New leaflet launched
10: Carted Deer Hunting: Latest Images
04: Government "subverting protection of animals legislation"
04: National Parks to remain hunter-free
03: Ban Barcelona Bullfighting
February 2004
25: Shocking badger kill figures released
24: Eur 14,642,869.33: Government grant to Punchestown Centre
04: Renewed Call for Humane Alternative to Hare Coursing
January 2004
20: Minister refuses to implement humane alternative to coursing

News - 2003

Stop Abbeyfeale Coursing - Urgent Appeal to Ministers (December 23rd)
Coursing banned in Northern Ireland (December 19th)
The "Nauseating Nonsense" of foxhunters (December 4th)
Urgent appeal to Minister Walsh: Stop the badger cull 'charade' (November 6th)
Farmers Against Foxhunting and Trespass group formed (November 5th)
Save the hares in Dungannon (October 23rd)
Northern Ireland moves to protect the Irish hare (October 14th)
Visit our new campaign websites (September 30th)
Make this the last ever hare coursing season (September 17th)
Hunting gone from GoIreland.com listings (September 10th)
Nationwide search for illegal leghold traps (August 29th)
Paddy Power and hare coursing (July 3rd)
Foxhunting removed from Bord Failte website (July 25th)
Goodyear remove billboard from "TG4 bullring" (July 11th)
Pat Rabbitte clarifies blood sports stance (July 9th)
"Irish badger cull is slaughter masquerading as science" (June 4th)
"I love bullfighting": TV's Hector (May 29th)
Campaign Against Bull Abuse in Coria (May 21st)
Bord Failte promotes foxhunting in Ireland (April 10th)
Hunters told to stay off public roads (March 28th)
EU subsidises bullfighting bulls (March 12th)
New Issue of Animal Watch (March 11th)

News - 1999-2002

Coursing Cruelty Video Evidence (15/10/02)
Foxhunts use emotional blackmail to gain access to farmers' lands (07/08/02)
Eircom/The Star Glamorise Bullfighting (13/06/02)
Coursing abuse and deceit revealed (04/02/02)
Hunters back in Coillte forests (12/10/01)
Scotland to ban hunting with dogs (20/09/01)
Speared to death: Linoso is dead (19/09/01)
Is church property now off limits to Blazers? (17/12/00)
Night hunting/trespass proposals dropped from Bill
Death of brave anti-cruelty campaigner, Vicki Moore
Avril Doyle bloodsport declaration fails
Irish MEP calls for EU support for animal cruelty
Minister Gives Blessing to Staghunt Cruelty
Galway Blazers Cruelty Exposed
Minister has AG's advice on legality of staghunt

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