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New Campaign Poster - Download and display today!
07 September 2004

Stop the Terror. Ban Hare Coursing. That's the slogan on our new anti-coursing campaign poster.

You can help highlight the cruelty of coursing by printing and displaying this A4-size poster at your next information stand or at the next meeting of your youth group, adult group, animal welfare group, etc. Thank you.

The full text of the poster is: Stop the Terror. Ban Hare Coursing. Around 10,000 hares are snatched from the wild every year in Ireland and forced to run for their lives in front of muzzled greyhounds. An Irish Council Against Blood Sports campaign poster. Download posters, petitions and leaflets at You can make a difference - join the campaign today.

The downloadable pdf file containing the poster is 196 Kb in size.

Ban Hare Coursing Poster showing hare sitting in grass

Download Poster Now!

Note: You need Adobe Acrobat to view the poster. If you need to download this, please visit the Adobe Website.

More Information: Coursing Cruelty

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Ban Coursing Website:
For more information on hare coursing cruelty in Ireland, please visit our Ban Hare Coursing website at

Visit our Petitions page to print out and sign a Ban Hare Coursing petition.

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