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Coca-Cola order removal of bullring banner
02 June 2004

Further to appeals from the Irish Council Against Blood Sports and Anti Bullfighting Committee Netherlands, Coca-Cola have announced that an advertisement banner will be removed from a Spanish bullring.

The banner was photographed at Barcelona's last remaining bullfighting venue, La Monumental.

In a letter to Coca-Cola's UK office in April, ICABS wrote: "We hope that Coca-Cola will remove this banner and disassociate itself from a venue of animal cruelty. It would be a very welcome move, particularly at a time when campaigners all over the world are celebrating Barcelona City Hall's recent declaration that the city is now an anti-bullfighting city."

ICABS is delighted to report that Coca-Cola have reacted positively to our appeal.

Coca-Cola banner hanging at La Monumental
Coca-Cola have confirmed to ICABS that this advertisement banner at Barcelona's La Monumental will be removed during bullfight events. (Photo: Saskia Oskam)

"The banner belongs to our bottling partners Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd and the agreement is between them and the stadium rather than the organisers of bullfighting," stated Consumer Information Centre Manager, Bernice Sayer. "However, the Coca-Cola Company has a policy in force stating that our operations would not associate itself where there is a risk of physical harm to animals, and therefore I have asked that the banner be removed during bullfighting events."

ICABS thanks Coca-Cola for this response.

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