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Irish Independent asked to reject coursing
24 January 2012

ICABS is calling on the Irish Independent to reject hare coursing. The call follows the inclusion of a coursing image in a 2012-13 Independent calendar and the continued publication of coursing results in the paper's sports pages.

The January 2013 page of the calendar (in association with Canon Ireland) shows the unleashing of greyhounds at a 1979 coursing meeting in Clonmel. It was included with the 7th January 2012 edition of the newspaper.

In a letter to Independent editor, Gerry O'Regan, ICABS stated:

"For those who abhor cruelty and respect wildlife, it was disappointing to see the inclusion of a hare coursing image on the January 2013 page of the latest Irish Independent calendar. It is saddening that, out of an archive of thousands of photos, this animal cruelty scene from Clonmel was chosen. Hare coursing is opposed by a majority in Ireland (including, no doubt, a majority of Irish Independent readers) and most won't want to suffer the month-long sight of a heartless courser unleashing greyhounds to chase a hare which may very well have been caught and ripped apart."

The Irish Independent is also being asked to keep coursing off its sports pages. An activity involving the terrorisation, chasing, mauling and killing of hares could never be categorised as a sport and should have no place on these pages.

The coursing image which appeared on the January 2013 page of the Irish Independent / Canon Ireland calendar.


Please join us in appealing to the Irish Independent to keep coursing out of its calendars and to exclude coursing from its sports pages.

Mr Gerry O'Regan
The Editor
Irish Independent

Tel: +353 (0)1 705 5333

Contact calendar sponsor, Canon Ireland, and ask them to clarify their stance on hare coursing.

Tel: +353 1205 2400
Email via:

The victims of coursing

All hares used in coursing are victims and they all suffer the fear and stress of being violently snatched from their habitats, thrown into crates, transported to coursing compounds and kept in captivity for months. Among the hare injuries and deaths recorded are:

Slideshow: the cruelty of hare coursing in Ireland

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