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Ebay thanked for removing cruel animal traps
17 August 2012

ICABS has thanked eBay for responding positively to an appeal and removing cruel animal traps. Listings for Nooski traps and glue traps were taken down after we highlighted that they are illegal in Ireland. eBay has prohibited the sale of leghold traps, snares and rodent glue traps from its sites.

A notice on the eBay UK website states: "Glue traps intended for animals such as rats or mice are not permitted" and Snares and Gin traps (leghold traps) are "not allowed".

In a message to ICABS, Mike Carson of eBay's Global Regulatory and Policy Management outlined that based on the information we provided, Nooski traps were removed from the site and that "any current listings for [Nooski traps and glue traps] were also removed."

He went on to advise those who spot an item which violates eBay's policies to click on the "Report item" link on the right-hand side of the listing. "It will be reviewed by our customer service team and removed if it violates our policies," he stated.

Some of the cruel items prohibited on eBay


Please familiarise yourself with eBay's Animals and wildlife products policy and report any item you see which violates the policy.

Visit the ICABS Animal Traps Page for more information on the suffering caused by Nooski traps, gin traps and glue traps. If you spot any of these illegal traps for sale in the Republic of Ireland, please get in touch with us now.

If you are living in a country where these traps remain legal, contact your local parliament representatives and urge them to push for a ban on them.

Videos: The cruelty of Nooski traps and glue traps

Warning: Contains upsetting scenes of animal suffering.

Illegal traps in Ireland

These traps are illegal in the Republic of Ireland. If you are aware of anyone possessing or offering them for sale, please immediately Email ICABS.

Images: Nooski trap cruelty

With the trap's rubber band around its body, the mouse gasps for breath

The doomed creature frantically struggles to break free of the rubber band

The mouse falls to its side and continues struggling

The green rubber band strangles the mouse to death

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