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Animal Cruelty Investigation Group joins calls for end to coursing
25 August 2009

The UK's Animal Cruelty Investigation Group has joined calls to Minister John Gormley to refuse any further coursing licences. The group which has documented coursing cruelty in Ireland urged the Minister to 'seize the chance now to carry the banner for compassion' and replace live lure coursing with drag coursing. The full text of ACIG Founder, Mike Huskisson's statement appears below.

Dear Minister Gormley: Please have the courage to do what you know is right, namely to refuse to issue a licence to the Irish hare coursers to course hares for the 2009-10 season.

I have personally witnessed the modern form of coursing in Ireland on numerous occasions and I know that, even with muzzled dogs, the hares still suffer appalling cruelty. Hares are harmless animals that do not take kindly to being handled by man (you will seldom see hares in rescue centres). From the moment of first capture they suffer. When they are coursed by the greyhounds they can be battered, bruised and even killed by the dogs.

This cruelty that is only for entertainment does not have to happen. There is the humane alternative of drag coursing, that has become popular in the UK, in which the greyhounds chase a rag with a "squeaker" in it to attract the dogs. I was an observer to the Lord Burns Hunting Inquiry in the UK in 2000 and I was present when humane drag coursing was demonstrated to the Inquiry team. In my estimation the Inquiry team were impressed by the humaneness and popularity of this genuine sport. Drag coursing is also kinder to the dogs because events can be staged at all times of the year in optimum conditions.

Our fragile world does evolve and change for the better, we hope. If Green politicians are not prepared to lead the way on environmental issues such as preventing unnecessary cruelty to animals then just who will lead? One day hare coursing will end in Ireland. Please seize the chance now to carry the banner for compassion by converting hare coursing to the humane alternative.

Michael Huskisson
(Founder ACIG)

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Please ask Minister John Gormley (Green Party) to stop licensing coursing. Email "STOP LICENSING CRUEL HARE COURSING" to

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