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Complaint to Volvo over hunt mag ad
01 July 2011

ICABS has complained to Volvo about the appearance of a car advert in a pro-bloodsports magazine. The company has been asked to clarify its position in relation to animal cruelty.

The full page ad for the S60 car appears in a section about foxhunting in the Summer 2011 edition of hunting and shooting magazine, Countrysports and Country Life.

ICABS has told Volvo about the cruelty of foxhunting and questioned why the company deemed it appropriate to advertise in a hunting publication. We pointed out that a majority of Irish people support a ban and that the blood sport is already illegal in England, Scotland and Wales.

"The foxhunting reports on either side of the Volvo advert, describe how several foxes were terrorised by packs of hounds," we outlined. "One of the unfortunate creatures 'took a line out of the Estate...crossed the road which time he looked tired but was still running.' Another fox 'ran at speed' after being 'put afoot from the trees to give a very fast hunt'."

"It is surprising that a company like Volvo would choose to associate its product with cruelty and killing," we added.

As well as reporting on foxhunting and deerhunting, Countrysports and Country Life also gives coverage to digging, terrierwork and the shooting and killing of animals and birds.

The Volvo advert in the Irish Countrysports and Country Life magazine.


Ask Volvo to clarify its stance on animal cruelty and urge it to stop advertising in pro-bloodsports magazines.

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