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Ban on circus wild animals a step closer in England
24 June 2011

An end to the use of wild animals in English circuses may be in sight after MPs gave their backing to a ban. Tory MP, Mark Pritchard's motion was yesterday approved in the House of Commons in a move hailed by the RSPCA as a "massive step forward" for animal welfare.

"We hope that this vote is the start of a new era for the tigers, lions and other magnificent animals forced to endure circus life, whose welfare needs have been ignored for far too long," spokesperson Dr Ros Clubb said.

Animal Defenders International spokesperson, Jan Creamer added: "The public demands a ban, animal welfare groups demand a ban and now politicians have made it abundantly clear that they demand a ban."

Quoted on the BBC News website, Mark Pritchard MP outlined how he was "threatened" by No 10 Downing Street and told the prime minister would look upon it "dimly" if he pressed ahead with the anti-circus debate.

But undeterred, the debate proceeded and the proposed ban received unanimous support from MPs of all parties.

Mr Pritchard described the use of wild animals as cruel and outdated - comparing it to outlawed practices such as dog-fighting and badger-baiting - and insisted that the UK should "lead not lag the world" in animal welfare.

He argued there was overwhelming public support for a ban and more than 200 MPs supported the move.

Champion of animal welfare issues, Mark Pritchard, MP


1. Send a message of congratulations to Mark Pritchard - - and encourage him to keep pushing until the ban becomes a reality.

2. Contact all your local TDs and ask them to support legislation banning the use of wild animals in Irish circuses.

Find out the names of your TDs and their email addresses.

Write to your TDs at:
Dáil Éireann
Leinster House
Kildare Street
Dublin 2.
Tel: 01-618 3000

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