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Northern Ireland: Majority oppose blood sports
01 June 2006

A huge majority of Northern Ireland residents believe that foxhunting and staghunting are cruel and inhumane, according to the latest Millward Brown opinion poll. The poll also found that most people agree with the decision to refuse permission to Northern coursing clubs to capture hares for their blood sport.

Welcoming the results of the poll, the League Against Cruel Sports in Northern Ireland observed that: "There was consistency from both urban and rural respondents, exploding the myth that there is a wide gulf between the town and the countryside."

More details on the results of the opinion poll can be found by clicking on the following links:

Hare Coursing Survey (pdf, 45kb)

Additional Analysis of Urban and Rural Areas (pdf, 22kb)

Some of the results from the Millward Brown opinion poll
Should Government Give Or Refuse Permission For Hares To Be Captured For Hare Coursing? (Refuse - 74%, give - 6%, don't know or no opinion - 19%)
Is Fox Hunting Humane? (No - 77%, yes - 10%, don't know - 5%, no opinion - 8%)
Is Fox Hunting Cruel? (Yes - 79%, no - 11%, don't know - 3%, no opinion - 7%)
Is Stag Hunting Humane? (No - 80%, yes - 7%, don't know - 5%, no opinion - 8%)
Is Stag Hunting Cruel? (Yes - 84%, No - 6%, don't know - 3%, no opinion - 7%)

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