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Animal Voice - Summer 2004
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Section 1
Welcome Message

Renewed call for end to deerhunt
Government subverting animal protection laws
Minister continuing to defend cruel coursing
Nature fund now inviting applicants
Animal Voice via email
Aertel publicises hunt fundraisers
Boylesports confirmed as sponsor of coursing
Blood sport listings removed from county council website
Coillte urged to bar hunters from forests
Woman struck by "stray" rifle bullet
Shooter posed threat to forest walkers: mag
Outrage over handout to hunt-owned centre
Death of Dr Anne Behan
Suppressed document damning of deer hunt
Section 2
Help expose Ireland's illegal cockfighters

Man fined 250 for interfering with Mullingar badger sett
Paper criticised for coverage of hare coursing
Bord na gCon poised to grant aid coursers
Majority want coursing ban
National Parks will remain hunter-free
Tony Gregory condemns JP McManus
Is Bertie Ahern anti-coursing?
Forty hares die at coursing meeting
Hare injuries and deaths continue in coursing
Ranger critical of pregnant hare coursing
Millionaire members of deer hunt exposed
Hunt reported for alleged littering
Mastercard credited for compassion
Bird shoots promoted on Ear to the Ground
Galway goats gunned down
Law professor insists deer hunt is illegal
Website removes coursing content
Bank of Ireland defends loan scheme for wildlife shooters
Ganly Walters remove hunt references from website
Clare FM responds to complaints
Section 3
Call on phone firm to stop donating to wildlife shooters

Canadian harp seal massacre
Ex-Heritage Council member offers hare shooting advice
Campaigning materials
Stress and Capture Myopathy in Hares
Foxes are not a major cause of lamb losses
Keep foxhunts away from farm animals: Department advice
County Council urged to keep hunts off roads
Challenge to hunting ban is rejected
Shocking badger kill figures are released
Spanish Minister criticises violence of bullfighting
Bullfighting is rejected by Chinese
New petition: End bullfights in Catalonia
Seville bullring recommended by newspaper
Barcelona declared anti-bullfighting city
Spanish bullfights should be banned: Irish travel writer
Sky defends matador advert
Section 4
Campaign against fur farming intensifying

Blooding at County Louth greyhound track denied
Donegal track tops dog doping league
Blood sport opposition has Catholic tradition
Dalai Lama issues anti-hunt statement
Foxhunt priests are committing a "serious sin"
Silence from bishops on blood sports
Mercy for animals: Bush speechwriter
Priests spotted at Clonmel coursing
Bramble: The story of a rescued badger cub
Things they said: Campaign quotes from the past few months
Coca-Cola to remove banner from bullring
Madonna and bird shooting
Your subscriptions are vital
Full Contents
Sections 1-4
Full Contents on one web page (104 Kb)
Printable magazine (926 Kb)
Adobe Acrobat pdf format

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