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Tom and Jerry book publisher asked to remove "Bullfighter Tom"
18 September 2009

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has called on the publishers of a Tom and Jerry colouring book to remove an illustration of "Bullfighter Tom". The portrayal of the popular cartoon character as a bullfighter [animal torturer and killer] has been reported to Warner Brothers. Please support our 1 minute action alert now.

ICABS has asked Alligator Books to remove "Bullfighter Tom" from future editions of the Tom and Jerry Jumbo Colouring Book

1 Minute Action Alert

Please send the following message to Alligator Books and Warner Brothers
"Please stop portraying Tom and Jerry's Tom as a bullfighter in the Tom and Jerry Jumbo Colouring Book [Published by Alligator Books]. Trivialising bullfighting in a children's book is distasteful and offensive."

Alligator Books Limited
Attn: Andrew H Rabin
Publishing and Sales Director
Gadd House, Arcadia Avenue
London N3 2JU
Tel: 020 8371 6622
Fax: 020 8371 6633
Email from:

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Email Customer Service from:

The Tom and Jerry colouring book that has been brought to the attention of Warner Brothers.

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