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Complaint to Church over TV3 hunt prayer
07 April 2011

ICABS has complained to Church authorities after a member of the clergy was shown on a TV3 documentary saying prayers at the beginning of a foxhunt.

On "The Truth About Irish Blood Sports" (TV3, March 22), viewers were shown an unidentified cleric praying for the safety of Laois hunters before they set out in pursuit of foxes. During the programme, we were told that foxes targeted by hunts are savagely mauled by the pack of hounds and suffer broken backs and necks.

The hunt prayer scene can be seen on the TV3 Website (forward to the 13 minute, 20 second mark).

In correspondence to church authorities, ICABS expressed disappointment about the pre-hunt prayer and stressed that associating with hunts is inappropriate.

"The clergy should denounce hunting and all forms of cruelty to God's creatures and spread a message of compassion," we added.

The hunt prayer scene from TV3's "The Truth About Irish Blood Sports".

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