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Fox in the garden
27 September 2007

A set of photos taken by a County Kildare resident who regularly welcomes foxes in to her garden. The creatures explore the lawn, relax on the patio table and enjoy generous portions of pet food!

Many landowners are happy to see foxes, not only because they are fascinating to watch but due to the fact that they keep down the numbers of so-called pests such as rats, mice and rabbits.

If you would like to share your photos or video footage of foxes, please send them to us at ICABS, PO Box 88, Mullingar, Co Westmeath or email them to Thank you.

Red fox on wooden garden table
A fox poses for a photo while relaxing on the patio table. (Photo: Dee)

Fox on wall next to flower pots
Flora and fauna: A fox smells the flowers in a Kildare garden. (Photo: Dee)

Close-up of fox peering into flower pot
Part of a fox's diet consists of insects. It looks like this fox has just spotted one! (Photo: Dee)

More information: The Red Fox

For more information on the Red Fox, including foxwatching advice, photos and podcasts, please visit the Foxwatch Ireland website.


Join the campaign to protect foxes from the cruelty of foxhunting. For more details, please visit our Ban Foxhunting campaign page.

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