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Paddy Power and hare coursing

3rd July, 2003

Paddy Power Bookmakers have indicated that as long as hare coursing is legal in Ireland, they will continue to accept bets on the blood sport.

The statement came following an appeal by the Irish Council Against Blood Sports (ICABS) for the company to disassociate itself from coursing due to the inherent animal cruelty.

"Hare coursing, as you know, is legal in this country and is administered by the Irish Coursing Club," stated Patrick Power in an email to ICABS. "Obviously if the current legislation were to change, we would abide by any new law."

"We offer betting on most sports where there is a public interest and coursing as a greyhound sport is popular with the betting public," he added. "At present we offer betting on the National meeting at Clonmel and on the Irish Cup meeting at Tralee."

ICABS is very disappointed at this response and we have this month renewed our appeal to Paddy Power Plc.

We have highlighted the fact that eight in ten Irish adults wish to see coursing banned and also asked them to note that hare coursing is now illegal in Scotland and looks likely to be banned in England and Wales.

The Paddy Power company has branches all over Ireland and in London. It also operates telephone and online betting services.

greyhound chasing hare
"Hare coursing, as you know, is legal in this country...At present we offer betting on the National meeting at Clonmel and on the Irish Cup meeting at Tralee." (Patrick Power, Paddy Power Plc).

Action Item: Contact Paddy Power

Please contact Paddy Power and ask that they stop helping to keep hare coursing alive by accepting bets. Tell them that it is unacceptable that they are associating themselves with a form of animal cruelty which 80 per cent of Irish people wish to see banned.

(if you have time, please modify this letter or write a different one)

Dear Sir,

I am writing to ask that Paddy Power Plc ceases all involvement with the blood sport of live hare coursing.

It is unacceptable that your company is defending its association with this cruel blood sport on the grounds that it is still legal in Ireland. Considering that eighty per cent of Irish adults wish to see coursing banned, I appeal to Paddy Power Plc to fully disassociate itself from this animal abuse.

As you may be aware, hare coursing is illegal in Scotland and it looks likely to be outlawed in England and Wales too.

I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,
Name/County or Country



Mr. John O' Reilly, CEO
Paddy Power PLC,
Airton House, Airton Road
Tallaght, Dublin 24

Tel: 1850 4144444 (Ireland), 0800 039 1800 (UK), +353 1 4049611 (Rest of World)

Hare Coursing: Further Information

For more information on the blood sport of hare coursing, please visit our Ban Hare Coursing website. Here you will find video clips, images, a leaflet and a petition.

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