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Ward Union subscriptions down: Phoenix Magazine
11 October 2012

Phoenix Magazine has reported as "good news for stags", a drop in Ward Union hunt subscriptions and a more than 50 per cent fall in income from fundraising.

In its September 21 edition, the magazine outlined how the current economic climate has taken its toll on the hunt.

"The big problem for the Ward Union Hunt is, not surprisingly, financial and the AGM on September 28 will hear from [its chairman] that subscriptions were down by one third on the previous year (to 73,000 Euro), while there was a drop of more than half in income from fundraising (down to just 27,000 Euro)," the report stated, adding "Good news for stags of course."

Read the Phoenix report below.


According to the Wildlife Amendment Act 2010, "a person who hunts deer with two or more dogs shall be guilty of an offence." If you reside in the area where the Ward Union operates, please familiarise yourself with the Wildlife Amendment Act 2010 and report any breaches to the Gardai.

For the phone numbers of Garda stations, please visit:

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