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Success: MySpace thanked for removing foxhunting advert
23 October 2009

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has thanked MySpace for removing an advert for foxhunting in Ireland. The ad invited readers to "experience the thrill of the chase". Responding to our concerns, a MySpace spokesperson said that the company "normally does not allow this type of advertising".

"At this time, we are researching ways to tighten up our advertising demographics in order to make the user experience as enjoyable as possible," the spokesperson added.

ICABS is grateful to MySpace for this positive response.

Our attention now turns to Google, who continue to feature foxhunting in their sponsored adverts. To find out about our current action alert, please see Urgent appeal to Google: "Stop advertising foxhunting"

If you ever see an internet advert for foxhunting or other blood sports, please send us details along with a screen shot. Thank you.

ICABS has thanked MySpace for removing this foxhunting advert

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