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Coursers told to bog off
25 January 2006

Coursers trying to catch hares on Bord na Móna land have been told to bog off and leave the wildlife alone, ICABS has learned. The company has confirmed that its 85,000 hectares of peatland property is strictly off-limits to blood sports enthusiasts.

"For many years, Bord na Móna has declared its lands as being conserved for wildlife," a company spokesperson told ICABS, adding that "in recent years we prevented hare coursing enthusiasts from capturing hares on our bogs."

The shooting of wildlife is also banned on Bord na Móna land. The spokesperson explained that "in addition to the conservation issues, there is a significant safety issue for employees and others as bullets could travel considerable distance on our lands, given the generally flat nature of the terrain."

ICABS congratulates Bord na Móna for this pro-wildlife stance.

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