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Failte Ireland removes blood sports content
03 February 2009

Further to an appeal from the Irish Council Against Blood Sports, Failte Ireland has removed references to foxhunting and hare coursing from its Discover Ireland website.

In an email today from Failte Ireland, CEO Shaun Quinn stated: "I note your concerns about those aspects of our website content relating to field sports and I'm grateful that you have brought them to my attention. Failte Ireland's stated position is that it will not actively promote field sports and in this instance it transpires that there was a lack of familiarity with this position amongst some of our new regionally based website content editors. Failte Ireland has now moved to make the relevant staff aware of its corporate stance on this matter and has asked that the relevant content is removed immediately."

ICABS is grateful to Failte Ireland for its positive response to our appeal and for maintaining its stance on activities involving cruelty to animals. Thank you to everyone who joined us in our appeal to Failte Ireland.

If you are planning a home holiday in Ireland or travelling to Ireland from abroad, please visit Failte Ireland's websites at:, and

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