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Stop promoting bullfighting: appeal to Abbey Travel
06 July 2005

Irish holiday company, Abbey Travel, has been asked to drop references to bullfighting from one of its publications. The Abbey "Short Breaks" brochure lists Seville's La Maestranza bullring as one of the city's highlights.

In a letter to the company's Dublin office, ICABS expressed disappointment over the inclusion of bullfighting in the brochure. We brought to their attention our ongoing campaign aimed at encouraging holidaymakers in Spain to boycott bullfighting.

We also invited them to witness the absolute cruelty of bullfighting by visiting the Videos section of our website.

Brochure extract: Seville highlights
An extract from the Abbey Travel brochure showing a bullring being presented as a Seville "highlight".

"The torture and abuse of bulls is why a majority of Spaniards are now opposed to the blood sport," we stated. "This is reflected in the growing number of cities and towns around the country (including Barcelona) which are declaring themselves anti-bullfighting."

It is accepted that most of the remaining bullrings at holiday destinations exist primarily thanks to ticket sales to tourists. Many come away disgusted and upset at seeing the gruesome reality of this barbaric activity.

ICABS feels that instead of promoting bullfighting, Abbey Travel should warn those who book a holiday to Spain about the upsetting nature of seeing a bull slowly tortured to death and killed. We hope they will join the other Irish travel companies who no longer include bull rings in their itineraries or recommendations.

Dead bull
A bull lies dead in a Spanish bullring after being slowly tortured with spears and stabbed to death. Photo © WSPA/CAS

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