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McGuinness not opposed to coursing and hunting
12 October 2011

A statement from the presidential campaign office of Martin McGuinness has today confirmed that he is "not opposed to hunting or coursing".

The statement outlined that "Martin McGuinness is not opposed to hunting...or coursing generally, but believes that these practices are of value to local rural economies and communities and therefore must be regulated in the interests of wildlife sustainability and to prevent unnecessary cruelty."

It goes on to convey that while Martin McGuinness does not oppose hunting or coursing, he is opposed to blood sports that are already illegal, i.e. dog fighting, badger baiting, and cock fighting. We are told that he views these as "cruel practices".

ICABS finds it incredible that Mr McGuinness refuses to recognise that hunting and coursing are also cruel. It is very surprising too that during a presidential campaign when every vote counts, Mr McGuinness is siding with the minority of animal abusers and rejecting the majority view in Ireland that coursing and foxhunting are abhorrent and should be outlawed.

Previously, in the Northern Ireland assembly, Martin McGuinness was one of the Sinn Fein MLA's who voted in favour of coursing and against protection for hares. They tried but thankfully failed to overturn an earlier decision by the Assembly to ban coursing. Sinn Fein has been strongly criticised for its pro-blood sports stance.


If Martin McGuinness's stance on animal cruelty makes you choose a different candidate, please send a message to his campaign office now.

Martin McGuinness
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Martin McGuinness is not opposed to the cruel blood sport of hare coursing

Martin McGuinness is not opposed to the cruel blood sport of foxhunting

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