latest news removing bullfighting references from website
20 June 2007

Popular travel company,, has responded positively to an appeal from ICABS to remove bullfighting references from its website. A statement issued by the company today has outlined that it is now "in the process of removing all bullfighting references from its site".

According to Public Relations Manager, Paul Nelson, bullfighting references included in hotel information listings were provided to by the hoteliers themselves.

" is working closely with our hotel partners with regard to removing all references to bullfighting from its site," he said, adding that " has never promoted nor condoned bullfighting, or any other type of bloodsport, on its site."

In our initial correspondence to the company, ICABS pointed out at least nine instances of bullfighting being listed as a "local attraction".

We are delighted with's positive response and we have thanked the company for their commitment to removing bullfighting references from the site.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in our appeal to

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