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The cattery fox
18 October 2007

A set of fantastic fox photos taken by Muriel Hayden of Cuddles Cattery. The fox was a regular visitor to the County Galway cattery throughout the summer and was treated to daily dishes of cat food. "The cats were curious about him and we all loved to watch him," Muriel told ICABS.

"I was very fortunate and felt privileged to have had the company of Basil this summer," she said. "He frequented my garden more or less daily for a couple of months. I run a boarding cattery and always have leftover cat food, which Basil seemed to enjoy. He would follow me up and down the cattery (from outside) as I worked and when I was in the garden he acted very like a dog, wrapping himself around my legs sometimes."

Although Muriel is sad to add that Basil stopped coming around at the end of August and hasn't been seen since, she relishes the memories of this fascinating fox. Check out her photos below.

Visit the Cuddles Cattery for more details about their 5-Star Cat Hotel.

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Photos: Basil the cattery fox

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