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Hare Cam
23 May 2006

A webcam set up by the Irish Hare Initiative is providing a rare glimpse of the group's purpose-built leveret rearing facility. Orphaned leverets are brought to the centre from all over Ireland for rearing, rehabilitation and release.

Please click on the link to view the latest images from the Hare Cam

The Irish Hare: Orphans and casualties

The Irish Hare Initiative offers the following advice to anyone who spots an apparently orphaned leveret:

"Young hares (leverets) are often left alone by their mothers, who return at night to feed them. It is normal for a leveret to be left in a hedgerow, long grass or vegetation. Their instinct is to stay still and not move, which leads people to (wrongly) believe that they are orphaned, sick or injured. Leverets like this should not be at risk unless there is immediate cause for concern or an imminent threat."

If the hare is genuinely orphaned or injured, it will require urgent specialist attention. For more information, please visit the Irish Hare Initiative website and click on "Orphans and casualties" or telephone the Hareline on 08707 442285 (Co Tyrone).

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