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MEP contacts Parliament President about bullfight exhibition
7 May 2008

Irish MEP, Kathy Sinnott, has contacted the President of the European Parliament about an exhibition which bullfighters are planning to hold at EU Headquarters next month. The blood sports brigade are trying to convince parliamentarians that slowly torturing a bull to death is a "noble" activity that should be preserved.

In a letter to all of Ireland's MEPs, ICABS stated: "We are shocked and horrified to learn today that there is to be a bullfighting exhibition entitled 'Between Man and Bull', the purpose of which is to try to persuade legislators that bullfighting is a 'noble' activity. This is due to commence on June 4th, and is aimed at familiarising Parliament members with the 'beauty' and 'proud liveliness' of this 'European cultural heritage'."

"If you abhor what can only be described as the world's worst blood sport, please strongly object to the mounting of this grotesque exhibition, masquerading as art and tradition," we added.

Appealing to the President of the European Parliament to scrap the exhibition, we highlighted this week how opposition to bullfighting across Europe is at an all-time high and continually growing.

"A majority of EU citizens want bullfighting banned," we emphasised. "We hope that you can reverse the decision to allow the bullfighting industry into Parliament to speak favourably about this indefensible blood sport."


Urge the European Parliament to close its doors to bullfighters spreading misinformation about one of Europe's worst instances of animal cruelty

(If you have time, please compose your own personal letter. Otherwise, feel free to send the short sample letter below. Be assertive, but polite, in all correspondence. Thank you.)

Hans-Gert Pöttering
President of the European Parliament
Rue Wiertz 60
PHS 11B11
B-1047 Brüssel, Belgium


Dear Mr Pöttering,

I wish to register my strong objection to the "Between Man and Bull" exhibition which is due to take place at the European Parliament early next month. Considering the extreme animal cruelty involved in bullfighting and the fact that millions in Spain, France, Portugal and all across Europe want this barbarity banned, I believe that bullfighters should not be invited into Parliament buildings.

These heartless animal abusers describe their sport as a noble tradition that should be preserved but you will surely agree that there is no place in a modern Europe for the slow torture to death of animals for entertainment. It is now time for bullfighting to be banned and I urge you to cancel this exhibition and to work towards ridding the EU of this, and all, blood sports.

Thank you very much. I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,



Ask Ireland's MEPs to lodge a complaint against the "Between Man and Bull" exhibition and to call for it to be cancelled. Also urge them to support future moves in the EU to finally bring bullfighting to an end.

Please click on the link to Contact Ireland's MEPs

If you are in outside Ireland, you can find the name and contact details for your country's MEPs at Please ask them to call for the bullfighting exhibition to be cancelled and to support future moves in the EU to finally bring bullfighting to an end.


Please download and distribute the ICABS leaflet which asks holidaymakers to boycott bullrings. Give a copy to any friend or family member visiting France, Spain, Portugal or another bullfighting country. Thank you.

Anti-bullfighting Leaflet 2
Have happy holiday memories! This Summer, Boycott Bullfighting
html version | pdf, 1.9 Mb

Anti-bullfighting Leaflet 2 Dutch
Have happy holiday memories! This Summer, Boycott Bullfighting
Dutch version - 3Mb

Anti-bullfighting Leaflet 1
Holidaymakers - Make your holiday cruelty-free!
html version | pdf, 124Kb

Video presentations - Bullfighting Cruelty

A selection of videos from around the world exposing the horror of bullfighting.

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Photos: Bullfighting barbarity

Bullfighting Gallery - Image 2
A bull bleeding from its mouth and body moments before being killed with a sword. (Photo: ADDA)

Bullfighting Gallery - Image 11
A bull winces in pain as spiked banderillas are stuck into its back. (Photo: RSPCA)

Bullfighting in France - Image 15
A matador prepares to stick a sword into the gap between the bull's shoulder blades. The severely wounded animal is seen here panting for breath moments before being killed during a French bullfight. (Image: Comite Radicalement Anti Corrida)

Bullfighting in France - Image 2
An injured bull bleeding during a bullfight in the south of France. (Image: Comite Radicalement Anti Corrida)

Bullfighting in France - Image 5
A bull runs across the bullring in pain as spiked banderillas dig into its flesh. (Image: Comite Radicalement Anti Corrida)

Bullfighting in France - Image 7
A bull leaps in pain as the banderillas stick into his back. (Image: Comite Radicalement Anti Corrida)

Bullfighting in France - Image 13
Another victim of bullfighting: A bull collapses on to the ground as blood cascades from its nose. (Image: Comite Radicalement Anti Corrida)

Bullfighting: More information

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