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Great news for NI hares: Proposal to extend protection till 2010
10 September 2009

The Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland has announced a proposal to continue giving full protection to Irish Hares in the North until at least August 2010. ICABS has called on Minister John Gormley to follow the example of Minister Edwin Poots and give similar protection to hares in the Republic.

The full text of the statement follows:

Department Of The Environment (Northern Ireland)

10 September 2009

Minister extends measures to protect Irish Hare

Environment Minister Edwin Poots, is proposing to renew the temporary ban on the killing, taking, sale or purchase of Irish Hares.

The proposal is to introduce a special protection order under the Game Preservation Act (NI) 1928, for the period 1 December 2009 to 11 August 2010, which includes the 'close season' for hunting hares.

Recent results from the 2009 Northern Ireland Irish hare survey have shown that there are approximately 27,400 hares in Northern Ireland .

Speaking today the Minister said: “The conservation mechanisms that my Department has put in place are bearing fruit and the number of Irish Hares is being sustained.

“However, until all data from the surveys undertaken so far can be analysed in 2010, I believe that there is a need for continued temporary protection. Therefore I am proposing that a new Special Protection Order should be made.”

Notes to editors:

1. The results of the 2009 Irish Hare survey can be found at the following:

2. Section 7C(1) of the Game Preservation Act (NI) 1928, provides that, where the Minister is satisfied that it is necessary or expedient to provide special protection for any kind of game, he may by order prohibit the killing or taking, or the sale or purchase, of any game prescribed by the order, during such period not exceeding one year as shall be prescribed by the order.


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