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Positive response to GOAL appeal
2 February 2010

ICABS has thanked charity, GOAL, for acting to disassociate from a coursing-related fundraiser. A notice on the Irish Coursing Club website detailed the charity betting event on the eve of the 3-day cruelty fest in Clonmel.

Coursing sponsors, Boylesports, were offering Euro100 charity bets at a "Powerstown Preview" on Sunday.

"This popular event will commence at 9pm in Hotel Minella and it is the ideal way to mark your card for the action at the National [Coursing] Meeting over the following three days," the coursing club notice outlined. "At the end of the evening each of the panellists will be asked to nominate a runner in the Derby or the Hotel Minella Oaks for their Charity Bet."

"All winnings will go to GOAL," the notice added.

ICABS view blood sport-related fundraisers as thinly disguised public relations exercises designed to try and gain brownie points for those involved in causing suffering and death to animals.

In our appeal to GOAL to reject funds from a coursing fundraiser, we highlighted the cruelty and outlined how hares are snatched from the wild and used as live lures before greyhounds.

In response, a GOAL spokesperson thanked ICABS for bringing it to their attention and assured us that the coursers' funds "will not be coming to GOAL".

Please express your thanks by making a donation today on the GOAL Website

Hare Coursing Gallery - Image 1
In coursing, hares are cruelly snatched from the wild and forced to run for their lives in front of greyhounds.

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