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Vodafone thanked for withdrawing advert
11 September 2009

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has thanked Vodafone Ireland for stopping the broadcasting of its "Roaming" advert at Dublin Airport. The move came following a complaint from ICABS over a bullring scene in the ad.

In a letter to the company's CEO, Charles Butterworth, ICABS appealed for the advert to be modified to exclude the bullring scene. "Matadors, like the one in the Vodafone ad, are responsible for the slow torture to death of thousands of bulls every year," we told Mr Butterworth. "Each bullfight event sees the merciless killing of six or more bulls. Horseback riders firstly weaken the bull by stabbing its body with sharp lances. To force it to drop its head, spears are then driven into its neck muscles. The cruelty culminates with a stabbing through the heart with a sword."

Responding, a spokesperson for Vodafone Ireland stated that the advert had been withdrawn last year as a result of an appeal from ICABS but that it had mistakenly been aired on two screens at Dublin Airport.

"Upon receipt of your letter, we immediately requested that the advert be removed and it ceased to be shown that same day," he said. "Vodafone does not support or promote blood sports and we were disappointed to hear of this error."

ICABS thanks Vodafone Ireland for this positive response.

ICABS has thanked Vodafone for withdrawing an advert which contained this bullfighting scene.

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