Stop Spain's cruel "bull on fire" event
[Source: International Movement Against Bullfights]

Toro Jubilo victim
Barbaric: a bull with its horns ablaze at Medinaceli's Toro Jubilo event.
The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is joining groups across Europe in condemning one of Spain's most horrendous events. The Toro Jubilo or "Bull on Fire" involves setting the horns of bulls alight. Such is the suffering that some creatures attempt to commit suicide.

Maria Lopes of the International Movement Against Bullfights describes what's set to take place at Medinaceli city on Saturday, November 14th: "This particular savagery involves putting a kind of ball of pitch on both the horns of the bulls and setting fire to the balls. The bulls are released on the streets. The fire balls burn for hours, burning the horns, body and eyes, causing terrible suffering."

In the past, she adds, bulls have tried to "kill themselves against walls, due to the horrible pain".


1. If holidaying in Spain, avoid visiting Medinaceli until the city is free from animal cruelty events.

2. Send a protest message to the following.

City Hall of Medinaceli
Plaza del Ayuntamiento,1
42240 Medinaceli
Soria, Spain
Fax + 34 975326053

President of la Diputación Prov. Soria
C/ Caballeros, 17 Soria
SORIA 42071
Tel: +34 975 211089
Fax: +34 975 101091

Turismo de Soria

President of Castilla y Leon
Plaza de Castilla y Leon,1
Fax + 34 983411269,

Tourism de Castilla y Leon

ICABS has written to the Medinaceli authorities to express our shock and absolute disgust at this terrible animal abuse. We've reminded them that this is the 21st Century and that it's time to leave barbarity in the past. Please urgently join us in our appeal.

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