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Company thanked for removing website's bullfight content
28 June 2006

An Irish company has been thanked for removing bullfighting references from a website aimed at tourists in Spain. Kerry-based Gulliver Infores Services Ltd deleted the content after the Irish Council Against Blood Sports highlighted the cruelty of bullfighting.

In a letter sent yesterday to Gulliver, ICABS applauded the company for its response. "We have learned that references to bullfighting have been removed from the 'alltravelspain' website and we wish to thank you very much for this positive move," we stated.

More details about our original appeal appears below.

Irish company publicises bullfighting
31 May 2006

An Irish-owned company is publicising bullfighting on a website aimed at visitors to Spain. The All Travel Spain site, owned by Kerry-based Gulliver Infores Services Ltd, suggests that tourists "enjoy the passion and intensity of a bullfight."

When ICABS contacted Gulliver late last year, we were told that the company was "giving this matter consideration" but five months on, the bullfighting references remain.

"Due to the terrible cruelty inflicted on animals in the bullrings, we appeal to you to stop suggesting this blood sport as an activity for tourists to support," ICABS stated in its correspondence. "Many tourists who attend bullfighting come away feeling disgusted and upset at seeing animals being abused. Treating animals in this way in Ireland would be treated as a criminal offence."

We added: "A majority of Spaniards want bullfighting banned [and] this has prompted a growing list of towns and cities (including Barcelona) to declare themselves anti-bullfighting."

Among the bullfighting references ICABS is objecting to are:

  • "Top Attractions in Madrid...Not for the faint-hearted, the fervor, bravery and skill of the matadors captivate the crowd as the battle between man and bull takes place. The Las Ventas bullring is often referred to as the mecca of bullfighting." (Details are also given about the "best time to visit" to see bullfights.

  • "Destination Guides - Madrid...Enjoy the passion and intensity of a bullfight..."

  • "Destination Guides - Spain...Flamenco, fiestas, bullfights...Take in a bullfight, see a fiesta..."

  • "Destination Guides - Seville...Bullfights. Flamenco. Tapas. All synonymous with Seville...The bullring on Paseo de Cristobal Colon is the oldest and most attractive in the country."

  • "Spain Driving Trip'll catch the craziest Andalucian festival of all, the nine-day Feria de Malaga, coinciding with the city's main bullfights...Don't miss: Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza, one of the most important and beautiful bullrings in Spain..."

Action Item

Appeal ended. Thank you to those who joined us in contacting Gulliver.

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