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"Animal Padre" commends ICABS on appeals to Church
17 May 2011

The "Animal Padre", Reverend James Thompson, has commended ICABS on our ongoing appeal to the Church to prohibit clergy involvement in blood sports and condemn the cruelty.

"Allow me to congratulate you on the wonderful work you are endeavouring to do, especially in trying to disturb the consciences of clergy who could do so much for the animals, yet do nothing," the Wales-based priest wrote in an email.

After reading on our website about priests blessing foxhunts and attending hare coursing meetings, Rev Thomson asked: "Where has the spirit of St Francis gone within today's church communities?"

He added: "As an octogenarian priest, it disturbs me immensely that the church which claims to be the ark of salvation is so far removed from Noah's ark. He included them in, while today's church casts them out!"

While many members of the clergy in Ireland would oppose animal cruelty, there sadly remains a small minority that shamefully support hunting and coursing. ICABS continues to urge Church authorities to take action to prevent priests from associating with blood sports. We have asked the Church to preach a message of compassion and condemn as sinful any participation in blood sports. Find out more on our Campaign Page

ICABS has thanked Rev James Thompson for his words of support. Find out more about him, his books and his tireless and wide-ranging work for animals at
Read about his blessing of a horse sanctuary in Galway last year.

The "Animal Padre", Rev. James Thompson.

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