Welcome to the Winter 2006-07 issue of Animal Voice, the campaign newsletter of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports. It's our 40th Anniversary edition and it's packed with news, updates, action alerts and success stories. Available to view online or as a downloadable magazine, this is one highly recommended read!

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Animal Voice - Winter 2006-07 (40th Anniversary Edition)
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Section 1
Welcome Message

We’ll end blood sports: Greens
Coursing man fined for obstruction
Bank apologises for advert in foxhunt's publication
Hare capture raffle: complaint lodged
Otter decline sparks fresh call for mink hunting ban
Extra deer hunt conditions but suffering will continue
Green leader praises ICABS campaigners
Hunt notice withdrawn from
Coursing meet should have been stopped
Hunters aim for "strong links" with the ISPCA
We won't sponsor coursing event: pet food company
Gregory questions beaglers' kill data
Rangers nail bird trapper
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Hounded deer lands on Dublin shop roof
Hare mauled by Niall Quinn dog
Discontinued: exercising of hunt hounds in lough
Hunters on roads: Gay gets evidence
Coursing support ceased: Red Mills
Two deer hounded to death during hunt
Hares "badly mauled by dogs" found dead
Hare's leg was almost completely broken off
Section 2
Bullfighting ditched by Kerry firm

Greyhounds given drugs
Terrier usage is "pure evil"
Coursing trips were a pleasure: Minister
McCririck condemns race horse whipping
Welcome for Failte's anti-hunt move
Major thumbs up for draghunting on TG4
Why is hare coursing still permitted here?
Ireland faces fines for failing to protect natural habitats
Undercover investigator on the trail of the deer hunters
You have my support: Benjamin Zephaniah
Partial ceasefire for animals, says army
Leverets live online
Coursers net hares without licence
No rangers in blood sport black spots
"Rock relics" perform for hunt group
Farmer fires over festive foxhunters
Thank you to politicians
Green TD calls for hare coursing ban
IFA "selling out": anti-hunt farm group
I have no plans to ban coursing: O'Donoghue
Stay away from coursing finals: appeal to minister
No link to hunt, insists charity
Tourism body reminded of hunt cruelty
Rescued orphan
Section 3
Gone to the races: 37% of government sports funds

International demo against coursing
No more bull, promises car rental firm
Harrier hunting horror haunts Dublin driver
MEP De Rossa pressing for ban on cat & dog fur
TD compares bullfighting to GAA sports
Badger is rescued from deadly snare
Bullfighting's boring and pointless: Ryanair boss
Pamplona man left paralysed
Greyhound appeal to ex-Miss World
Catch wildlife criminals with CCTV cams
Running for the animals
ICABS DVD exposes blood sport cruelty
Bikers beware Dangerous hunt roadblocks ahead
Dept snarers described as blackguards
NI majority opposed to fox & deer hunts
Another ambulance delayed during hunt
Heritage Council grant facilitates killing of rabbits
Deli firm had ad in coursing card
Hotel to reconsider ad after complaint
Foxhunting - cruel and a scourge to farmers
Farmers will only ever accept drag hunting
Padraic Pearse "totally opposed" to coursing
Section 4
Sports Minister evades dog doping questions

Happy ending for rescued road cub
Tom expands cruelty exposé on to internet
Hunters hire spin doctor!
Blooding on rabbits
It's "best" for hunters to say nothing to farmers!
Clergy out of cruelty - the campaign continues
Bands against blood sports
Ban bull-bird barbarity: appeal to a president
Bullfighting to be removed from student website
Shock at Teagasc sheep man's fox killing advice
Coursing's medieval and should now be banned
Iarnrod Eireann urged to tackle trespassing hunts
Coursers told to bog off
Letters to the Editors
TB in badgers - cattle confirmed as culprits
Madonna stops shooting birds
Dreadful display from Ronaldo
Book Review Fox Makes Friends
Thanks to Dublin Support Group
Cruel traps recalled after ICABS action
Your support is vital
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Sections 1-4
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