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Tourism body reminded of hunt barbarity
15 August 2006

An Irish tourism body publicising hunting has been reminded that blood sports result in horrendous animal suffering. East Coast and Midlands Tourism has been asked to stop including hunting in its promotional material.

As part of our appeal, the Irish Council Against Blood Sports has sent them the four images below and urged them to consider the reality of hunting and stop publicising it.

Clockwise from top left, our disturbing images show:

  • A terrified fox which was savagely dragged out of an earth by a hunt terrier

  • A fox eviscerated by a pack of foxhounds

  • A hunt terrier biting into the scalp of a squealing fox

  • A bleeding deer at the end of a hunt

Please follow the Action Alert below and help us to convince East Coast and Midlands Tourism that it is inappropriate for them to present hunt barbarity as an option for tourists.

Victims of hunting in Ireland
Victims of hunting in Ireland. East Coast and Midlands Tourism is being asked to consider the horrendous animal suffering involved in hunting and stop giving publicity to the blood sport.

Hunt references revealed

The following references to hunting appear in "Equestrian Holidays", a booklet published by East Coast and Midlands Tourism...

  • Page 9 (Riding Centre)
    "Speciality: Hunting..."

  • Page 10 (Pony and Country Club)
    "Hunting...can also be arranged"

  • Page 14 (International Equestrian Centre)
    "We also offer...hunting..."
    "Other information...hunting"

  • Page 15 (Equestrian Centre & Stables)

  • Page 18 (Trail Ride)

Action Alert

UPDATE: For an update on this story, please see:
Hunt literature removed from midlands tourist offices

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