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Success: Travel company thanked for matador removal
8 January 2010

ICABS has thanked the Travel Department company for removing an image of a matador from its advertisements. The company has also been praised for its assurance that trips to bullfights are not included in any of its itineraries.

The matador image in question appeared as part of an advert in the Irish Independent. However Brendan Breen of the Travel Department told ICABS that it was "not consciously used" but instead was part of a library stock of images for Spain that is used in rotation in print and online media. "I will instruct our Marketing team to withdraw it," he stated.

ICABS also welcomes the company's assurance that "bullfighting is not included in any of our itineraries." We are grateful for this positive and swift response.

About the Travel Department: The Travel Department is Ireland's leading tour operator and has been in business for over twelve years. Its escorted holidays "offer a professionally planned itinerary, the expert knowledge of a local guide and the convenience of booking an all-in package". The company operates in 30 countries with their largest destinations being Italy, France, China and Spain.

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