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ICABS videos viewed 1/4 million times
02 October 2007

ICABS is delighted to announce that our online video presentations have been collectively viewed over a quarter of a million times. The milestone has been reached during World Animal Week and represents a massive advance in the levels of awareness surrounding blood sport cruelty.

Over the past ten months, viewers from Ireland and around the world have witnessed the suffering inflicted on animals by hunters and coursers. The overwhelming response has not only been one of disgust but also disbelief that such animal abuse continues to be allowed.

Also proving popular on the site are our specially compiled playlists which feature delightful footage of animals living free in nature. We are confident that these will help increase interest in, and respect for, wildlife and lead to even more opposition to activities which deliberately inflict suffering. Among the playlists currently available are Nature in Ireland and Foxes around the world.

ICABS Videos: 1/4 million views and counting
Video Title and LinkViews
Bullfighting - Spain
Carted deer hunting
Hare Coursing
Bullfighting - France
Mink Hunting
Drag Hunting 2
Drag Hunting 1
Drag Coursing
Hunts on our roads
Lisbon Protest Against Bullfighting
Landowners and hunts
Ward Union: Drag hunt possibility
Paddy Power's Gruesome Bets

Note: You may also watch the videos directly from the
ICABS Website ( by clicking on "Videos".


Please help us to expose the horrendous reality of blood sports to hundreds of thousands more. Highlight our Youtube site ( to as many people as possible:

  • Ask your friends to check it out - if they are already aware of blood sport cruelty, they may instead enjoy our playlists which feature beautiful footage of Irish wildlife.

  • Ask your landowner friends to watch the videos and urge them to make their land off limits to hunters and coursers.

  • Ask your local TDs, Senators, Town Councillors and County Councillors to watch the videos and pledge their support for a ban on blood sports.

  • Ask your local clergy to have a look at the videos and urge them to condemn blood sports and all animal cruelty.

  • Provide a link to the site to your local Gardai. Ask them to establish a wildlife crime unit to tackle illegal blood sports such as dog fighting, cockfighting and badger baiting.

  • Highlight the site to your local media and ask them to expose the reality of blood sports.


Include a link to (More details) and on your website. If you wish to include a video on one of your webpages, simply click on the relevant Youtube link above and copy the "Embed" code into your webpage file. Thank you.

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Hare coursing Carted deer hunting Foxhunting
To witness the appalling cruelty of hare coursing, carted deer hunting and foxhunting, please click on the links above. For more presentations exposing blood sports in Ireland, visit our Youtube page at

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