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Bullfighting banned in Catalonia
29 July 2010

ICABS has welcomed the tremendous news from Catalonia that the Parliament there has voted to ban bullfighting in the region. We congratulate all the parliamentarians who voted in favour of the ban and also the campaigning groups and individuals around the world who tirelessly worked to bring the barbaric activity to an end.

Among the groups instrumental in securing the ban (which will apply from January 2012) were CAS International, WSPA, ADDA and PROU. You can read their reactions to this historic milestone by clicking on the links below.

Thank you to all the ICABS supporters who signed petitions over the years and responded to action alerts.

Parliament decides on a ban on bullfighting in Catalonia on July 28 [CAS International]
Catalonia makes history by banning bullfights [WSPA]
El 1 de enero de 2012, Cataluņa pone fecha y punto final a las corridas de toros [ADDA]
Majoria absoluta a favor de l'aboliciķ [PROU]

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WSPA Video

Bullfighting in Spain

While bullfighting will be banned in Catalonia from 2012, the blood sport continues in other parts of Spain. The video below shows the cruelty involved.

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