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Witness the cruelty of blood sports in Ireland
Foxhunting Hare coursingMink hunting
To witness the appalling cruelty of hare coursing, foxhunting and mink hunting, please click on the video links above. For more presentations exposing blood sports in Ireland, visit our Videos Page. Help highlight our campaigns by displaying the videos on your website. Thank you.
Watch ICABS campaign videos on our online channel ICABS TV

Latest News
Please support the upcoming "End Greyhound Racing" protests
ICABS and other groups are holding protests against the cruel greyhound industry. Your support for these protests in Kilkenny, Cork and Dublin would be greatly appreciated. More...

Latest News
Stop licensing cruel coursing: Renewed appeal to Minister Humphreys
The Minister for Arts and Heritage, Heather Humphreys is currently considering a licence application for another season of cruel hare coursing. Please join us in urging the Minister to show compassion and stop licensing this cruelty. More...

Latest News
Deplorable conditions for Irish greyhounds exported to Pakistan
Video footage has emerged which confirms the deplorable conditions which Irish greyhounds are forced to endure when exported to Pakistan. In the disturbing video, greyhounds can be seen confined in dirty, underground cages. More...

Latest News
€23 million for greyhound track that may be worth €2 million
Agriculture Minister Michael Creed has approved the payment of €23 million of taxpayers' money for a greyhound track that may be worth as little as €2 million. More...

Latest News
Urge Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to stop Ireland's shameful animal cruelty
Join the calls on Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to show compassion for Ireland's animals and act urgently to stop hare coursing, foxhunting, digging-out/terrierwork, badger culling, greyhound racing, export of Irish dogs to China/Pakistan, horse abuse, mink hunting, puppy farming, fur farming and animal circuses. More...

Latest News
Minister won't say how much of greyhound track loan repaid
The Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has refused to say how much of a €250,000 interest-free loan has been paid back by Clonmel greyhound track. More...

Latest News
6 reasons to say NO to greyhound racing
Please download, print and distribute our new leaflet outside greyhound tracks to encourage people to show compassion and boycott greyhound racing. More...

Latest News
Mid Ireland Tourism promoting greyhound racing and hunting
Mid Ireland Tourism is being urged to stop promoting greyhound racing and hunting as tourist activities. The tourism body is describing dog racing as "a night out that has everything" and in its 2017 guide says hunting can be arranged. More...

Latest News
Barry's Tea urged to stop sponsoring greyhound racing
Barry's Tea is being urged to show compassion and end its sponsorship of the cruel greyhound industry. The Irish Greyhound Board website reveals the tea company sponsors the "€5,000 Barry’s Tea Open 750 at Curraheen Park". More...

Latest News
Tommy Broughan's new bill aims to restrict export of Irish greyhounds
Independent Dublin Bay North politician, Tommy Broughan TD, has introduced a bill which aims to restrict the export of Irish greyhounds. The bill seeks to "provide for the control of export of greyhounds and for the publication of a white list to which the export of greyhounds under licence would only be permissible." More...

Latest News
Tourism Ireland urged to stop promoting greyhound racing
Tourism Ireland and Failte Ireland are being urged to stop promoting greyhound racing as a tourist attraction. In the Irish Greyhound Board's latest annual report, it is stated: "Bord na gCon worked very closely with the domestic and international teams from Failte Ireland and Tourism Ireland in promoting a night at the dogs." More...

Latest News
Maureen O'Sullivan TD challenges Minister on view that "muzzling has prevented harm coming to hares"
Maureen O'Sullivan TD has challenged Minister Heather Humphreys on her view that "muzzling has prevented harm coming to hares". In a Dail question, the Dublin Central TD highlighted recent incidents involving muzzled greyhounds severely mauling hares at coursing meetings. More...

Latest News
Read Animal Voice - Issue 04, 2016
A round-up of all the latest campaign news. Please respond to this month's featured action alerts and forward to all your friends. Thank you. More...

Latest News
Videos: Ireland's hare coursing cruelty
Witness the cruelty of hare coursing in Ireland in our Youtube video playlist which shows hares being hit and mauled. After watching, please join the campaign against this deplorable bloodsport. More...

Latest News
The latest Dail Questions and Answers
Visit our Politicians page to read the latest Dail Questions and Answers from Deputies Maureen O'Sullivan and Clare Daly. The questions are aimed at Ministers Simon Coveney and Jimmy Deenihan and relate to hare coursing and the digging out of foxes. More...

Latest News
Say NO to Ireland's cruel blood sports
Join calls for a ban on Ireland's cruel bloodsports. Please sign and share our petitions and urge your local politicians to back a bloodsports ban. Sign Now!

Please make a donation to ICABS
Please consider making a donation to the Irish Council Against Blood Sports this month. We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to help ensure that our campaign goes from strength to strength. To make a donation today, click on the Paypal logo to the left or visit our Join ICABS page. Thank you very much.

Top ways you can help the campaign
• Join our email list and respond to our Action Alerts
• Become a campaign supporter and make a donation to help fund our efforts
• Contact your local politicians and ask them to support a ban on blood sports
• Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
• Sign up for our free text alert service and receive occasional campaign updates to your phone
• Link to our website and display one of our banners
• Monitor blood sports meetings in your area and provide us with photos, video and reports.
• Write a letter to your local newspaper about the cruelty of blood sports
• Sign and collect signatures for our petitions
• Organise a fund-raiser to help raise funds for the campaign
• Set up an online anti-blood sports group to cover your area.
• Download, print and display our posters and leaflets
• Set up an information stand at your school/library/youth group/adult group, etc
• Introduce your friends to our website and encourage them to get involved.
• Simply keeping your ear to the ground. about any blood-sport related incidents in your area.

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