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Witness the cruelty of blood sports in Ireland
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To witness the appalling cruelty of hare coursing, foxhunting and mink hunting, please click on the video links above. For more presentations exposing blood sports in Ireland, visit our Videos Page. Help highlight our campaigns by displaying the videos on your website. Thank you.
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Latest News
Reduced rate of VAT for cruel greyhound industry
Those involved in the cruel greyhound industry are enjoying a reduced rate of VAT for dog food, it has emerged. While the general public forks out the standard tax rate of 23% for dog food, greyhound racers and hare coursers are being asked to pay a "reduced rate" of just 13.5%. More...

Latest News
14 hares hit, 3 dead at Edenderry coursing field
14 hares were hit by dogs at the recent Edenderry coursing meeting and three were later found dead, the Irish Council Against Blood Sports is disgusted to learn. More...

Latest News
Massive grants and doctors for foxhunters
Foxhunters are receiving massive grants - and the services of medical doctors - from taxpayer-funded Horse Racing Ireland, it has emerged. More...

Latest News
Hares suffer severe maulings at Limerick coursing meeting
Hares suffered severe maulings at a coursing meeting in County Limerick on Sunday 19 November. New shocking video evidence filmed by ICABS shows hares being terrorised, struck multiple times and mauled into the ground by the muzzled dogs. More...

Latest News
Hares continuing to suffer in Ireland's cruel coursing: Latest evidence
The video Ireland's cruel hare coursers don't want you to see. Our footage was filmed before we came under attack from a balaclava-clad courser thug who roared "give me that f***ing camera". The video captures the awful plight of hares used in coursing - a bloodsport shamefully licensed by Minister Heather Humphreys and the NPWS. More...

Latest News
Balaclava-clad thug launches attack while ICABS gathers evidence of hare coursing cruelty
Members of the Irish Council Against Blood Sports came under attack while gathering evidence of hare coursing cruelty in Ballinagar, County Offaly. A balaclava-clad thug rushed us while we were filming from a public area overlooking the coursing field. More...

Latest News
Hares injured and killed at cruel coursing "rehearsal"
The first victims of the 2017-18 hare coursing season have been revealed. During coursing activities in Kilflynn, County Kerry, a total of 7 hares suffered injuries when hit by greyhounds. According to a National Parks & Wildlife Service report obtained by the Irish Council Against Bloodsports, two of the hares were so badly injured that they were put down on the advice of a vet. More...

Latest News
Greyhound industry gets another €16 million in Budget 2018
The government has shamefully allocated another €80 million of taxpayers' money to horse & greyhound racing in Budget 2018 - that's €64 million to horse racing and €16 million to greyhound racing. The sum equals the amount handed over last year and brings to over €1.1 billion the funding since 2001. More...

Latest News
"Cruelty to animals is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated": Dail debate highlights suffering of animals
Watch the Dail Eireann debate on animal welfare (3rd October 2017). A big thank you to the TDs who spoke so passionately for the animals. Thumbs down to those who shamefully defended acts of animal cruelty. More...

Latest News
Read Animal Voice - Issue 01, 2017
A round-up of all the latest campaign news. Please respond to this month's featured action alerts and forward to all your friends. Thank you. More...

Latest News
Videos: Ireland's hare coursing cruelty
Witness the cruelty of hare coursing in Ireland in our Youtube video playlist which shows hares being hit and mauled. After watching, please join the campaign against this deplorable bloodsport. More...

Latest News
The latest Dail Questions and Answers
Visit our Politicians page to read the latest Dail Questions and Answers from Deputies Maureen O'Sullivan and Clare Daly. The questions are aimed at Ministers Simon Coveney and Jimmy Deenihan and relate to hare coursing and the digging out of foxes. More...

Latest News
Say NO to Ireland's cruel blood sports
Join calls for a ban on Ireland's cruel bloodsports. Please sign and share our petitions and urge your local politicians to back a bloodsports ban. Sign Now!

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Top ways you can help the campaign
• Join our email list and respond to our Action Alerts
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• Organise a fund-raiser to help raise funds for the campaign
• Set up an online anti-blood sports group to cover your area.
• Download, print and display our posters and leaflets
• Set up an information stand at your school/library/youth group/adult group, etc
• Introduce your friends to our website and encourage them to get involved.
• Simply keeping your ear to the ground. about any blood-sport related incidents in your area.

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