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Witness the cruelty of blood sports in Ireland
Foxhunting Hare coursingMink hunting
To witness the appalling cruelty of hare coursing, foxhunting and mink hunting, please click on the video links above. For more presentations exposing blood sports in Ireland, visit our Videos Page. Help highlight our campaigns by displaying the videos on your website. Thank you.
Watch ICABS campaign videos on our online channel ICABS TV

Latest News
Groupon removes reference to bullfighters from Madrid attractions
Groupon has been thanked for removing a reference to "bullfighters showing off their skills at the corrida" from a Madrid attractions list. More...

Latest News
Read Animal Voice - Issue 02, 2019
A round-up of all the latest campaign news. Please respond to this month's featured action alerts and forward to all your friends. Thank you. More...

Latest News
Clonakilty businesses shamefully support cruel coursing
Shame on the local businesses which supported the Clonakilty hare coursing meeting on 11-13 January. Among the businesses which advertised in the coursing club booklet were pubs, hotels, shoe shops, an opticians and a florist. More...

Latest News
New petition: Please sign and share
Please sign and share our new petition which calls on Irish businesses to stop supporting cruel hare coursing through sponsorship and ads in coursing club booklets. Sign Now!

Latest News
Anti-blood sport group hits out at East Donegal hare coursing event
Donegal News has reported on renewed calls for a ban on cruel hare coursing, following a two day coursing meeting in East Donegal on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. More...

Latest News
Workers’ Party calls for implementation of ban on bloodsports
“Almost every European country has introduced a full ban on cruel bloodsports such as hare coursing, fox hunting and stag hunting, in particular with dogs. Ireland, disgracefully, still lags behind". More...

Latest News
"There's no glossing over the cruelty involved in hare coursing"
"There's no glossing over the cruelty that is involved in live hare coursing": Maureen O'Sullivan TD challenges Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed on hare coursing. More...

Latest News
Hares running for their lives in Cork, Limerick, Laois, Wexford
Ireland's shameful coursing season continues TODAY, TOMORROW AND OVER THE WEEKEND, with hundreds of hares being used as live lures for dogs to chase in Glanworth (Cork), Newcastlewest (Limerick), Rathdowney (Laois) and Gorey (Wexford). More...

Latest News
Former Fine Gael TD and Galway mayor sponsored cruel coursing
A former Fine Gael TD and mayor of Galway City sponsored cruel hare coursing for at least three years, it has emerged. Documents seen by ICABS show that Brian Walsh - a TD for the Galway West constituency between 2011 and 2016 and mayor of Galway from 2006 to 2007 - sponsored the Galway & Oranmore coursing meeting in 2011, 2013 and 2014. More...

Latest News
Follow the ICABS campaign on Facebook
Follow the ICABS campaign on Facebook for all the latest news, updates and action alerts. Help spread the word about our campaign issues by sharing our posts with your friends More...

Latest News
Hares running for their lives during cruel coursing in Limerick
Sickening scenes of animal cruelty filmed at the weekend (17/18 Nov 2018) at Bulgaden, near Kilmallock, County Limerick. At a coursing meeting held by Ardpatrick & Kilfinane coursing club - one of approximately 70 that take place around Ireland up until the end of February - dozens of hares were used as live bait for dogs to chase. More...

Latest News
Fears for future of hares - BBC Countryfile report
A BBC Countryfile report has raised fears that the horrendous rabbit-killing virus, Myxomatosis, is responsible for the deaths of large numbers of hares across Britain. There are renewed calls on the Irish Government to stop hare coursing and hare hunting. More...

Latest News
Making a killing from culling our poor badgers - Sunday Independent
Ireland's badgers have been subjected to a relentless and indiscriminate culling campaign that includes nursing mothers leaving their young to starve in their underground setts. More than 100,000 have been killed by the Department of Agriculture - Read Fiona O'Connell's column in the Sunday Independent. More...

Latest News
Call to revoke reckless hare netting licence
The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is calling on Minister Josepha Madigan to immediately revoke a licence she has recently granted to hare coursing clubs to cruelly net hares from the wild to be used as live bait for greyhounds at coursing meetings, which will take place around the country from September till the end of February. More...

Latest News
Hundreds of horses are dying at races around Ireland
Hundreds of horses are dying at races around Ireland, shocking new statistics reveal. The damning "equine fatality" figures - released for the first time ever this month - finally lift the lid on the appalling level of suffering and death in horse racing. More...

Latest News
At least 2,649 greyhounds destroyed in Irish pounds since 2010
At least 2,649 greyhounds have been destroyed in Irish pounds in the past eight years, shocking statistics reveal. The dogs are just some of the many victims of the cruel greyhound industry. More...

Latest News
Hares suffer severe maulings at Limerick coursing meeting
Hares suffered severe maulings at a coursing meeting in County Limerick on Sunday 19 November. New shocking video evidence filmed by ICABS shows hares being terrorised, struck multiple times and mauled into the ground by the muzzled dogs. More...

Latest News
Videos: Ireland's hare coursing cruelty
Witness the cruelty of hare coursing in Ireland in our Youtube video playlist which shows hares being hit and mauled. After watching, please join the campaign against this deplorable bloodsport. More...

Latest News
The latest Dail Questions and Answers
Visit our Politicians page to read the latest Dail Questions and Answers from Deputies Maureen O'Sullivan and Clare Daly. The questions are aimed at Ministers Simon Coveney and Jimmy Deenihan and relate to hare coursing and the digging out of foxes. More...

Latest News
Say NO to Ireland's cruel blood sports
Join calls for a ban on Ireland's cruel bloodsports. Please sign and share our petitions and urge your local politicians to back a bloodsports ban. Sign Now!

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