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Future Ryanair newsletters to be bullfight-free
16 March 2006

Ryanair's in-flight magazine will feature no further references to bullfighting, ICABS has been assured. Speaking from Austria, the magazine's publisher was responding to a complaint about an article in the current edition which refers to Jerez, Spain as "the home of fighting bulls".

Denying that bullfighting was being glorified, he maintained that the article was merely acknowledging the existence of the activity.

ICABS argued that the presence of three bullfight references in the article's single paragraph could be viewed as a recommendation to visit a bullfight. It puts it into readers' minds that when they reach Jerez, one of the options is to go visit a bullring, we stated.

Agreeing that bullfighting is cruel, the publisher promised that there would be no further references to bullfighting in the Ryanair magazine. ICABS is grateful for this positive outcome.

Thanks to our campaigning efforts in recent years, all Irish-owned travel companies have stopped, or given a commitment to stop, mentioning bullfighting in their brochures and other marketing material.

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