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Drop bullrun prize: appeal to 2FM and SEAT
13 June 2007

Please see update: We got it wrong with bullrun prize: 2FM

ICABS is calling on 2FM and SEAT to substitute a competition prize consisting of a trip to the Pamplona bullrun. We have highlighted how the event has not only been condemned around the world for its animal cruelty but that it's also dangerous for human participants and spectators.

The competition, running this week on the Will Leahy show, is offering entrants the chance to "Win a trip to Pamplona for the Bull Running Festival". The trip is described as "the ultimate prize".

"As SEAT Leon combines Spanish flair and German engineering we thought we'd give you a prize with attitude," the RTE 2FM website declares. "We're sending you plus a friend to Pamplona in Spain for the Bull Running Festival."

It goes on to outline that the prize is designed for the winners to observe the bull running and that they are not being encouraged to participate. "Should they wish to do so," it adds, "They do at their own risk."

ICABS has appealed to presenter Will Leahy as well as to the head of 2FM to scrap the prize and choose something different instead. We have also brought our concerns to the attention of SEAT and its parent company, Volkswagen.

"We hope that you can change the prize in this competition - for the sake of the animals which will be tortured and killed in Pamplona and for the human participants who risk fatal injuries," we stated.

We also highlighted the reality of bullrunning...

  • Electric shock prods are used to frighten the bulls into stampeding

  • Along the route, the bulls are at risk of sustaining injuries, including broken bones

  • Bulls used in the bullrun will later be brutally killed in a bullring

  • Over the years, numerous people have been injured at the bullrun; at least thirteen have died as a result. During last year's Pamplona festival, an American man was left paralysed after being hit by a cow.

In a special appeal to John Clarke, the head of 2FM, we stated that the prize will put the winners into a situation where they have the opportunity to participate, if they wish, in an event which has left numerous people seriously injured over the years and more than a dozen dead.

"Even if they choose to only observe the bullrun, the prize-winners may still be in danger," we added. "We trust that 2FM would not wish to endanger the winners in any way."


Please see update: We got it wrong with bullrun prize: 2FM

Photos: Pamplona bullrun

Bull sticking horn into body of falling man
A man is gored by a bull during the Pamplona bullrunning festival. (Photo: AP)

Man on ground next to bull
The horn of a bull dangerously makes contact with the head of a man during the cruel Pamplona bullrun. (Photo: Yahoo)

Bulls running along street
A man falls to the ground during the Pamplona bullrun as one of the bulls gores a spectator.

Black bull on ground behind barrier with tongue limply hanging out
Another victim of the Pamplona bullrun. The bulls are beaten and prodded to make them run and are later killed brutally in the local bullring. (Photo: BBC)

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