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Help remove animal cruelty from Facebook
21 August 2013

Spotted a pro-bloodsports profile on Facebook? Please report it as a breach of Facebook's Community Standards which state that "sharing any graphic content for sadistic pleasure is prohibited" -

Please sign the petition - Add report option "Animal Abuse" on Facebook

Send a letter of complaint to Facebook's Dublin office. Demand that those involved in animal cruelty are prevented from using Facebook to network.

Facebook European Headquarters
Hanover Reach,
5/7 Hanover Quay,
Dublin 2
Tel: 01 5530550

To report a page on Facebook, click on the icon next to "Like" and choose "Report Page"

Make a donation to ICABS

Please consider making a small donation to ICABS. For more details, please click on the button below or follow this link to find out how to become a campaign supporter. Thank you.

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