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New anti-bullfighting leaflet
07 August 2007

Please print out and distribute the new Irish Council Against Blood Sports' anti-bullfighting leaflet. The message on this year's leaflet is: "Have happy holiday memories - This summer, boycott bullfighting".

  • Please give a copy of the leaflet to your friends before they leave on holidays.
  • Ask your travel agent to display a copy.
  • When you arrive at your holiday accommodation, ask if you may display a copy in the reception area.

Download the leaflet now!
(pdf, 1.9 Mb)

The new ICABS anti-bullfighting leaflet. Please give a copy to friends and remind them to boycott bullfighting when on holidays.

Download the leaflet now!
(pdf, 1.9 Mb)

Have happy holiday memories! This Summer, Boycott Bullfighting

“Shocking, Disgusting, Cruel”
Many tourists who venture into bullrings out of curiosity leave upset and regret having witnessed animals being mercilessly killed before their eyes

Holidaymakers! This summer, please help end one of the world's cruellest blood sports. If you are holidaying in a bullfighting country, please boycott the bullrings.

Bullfighting leaves thousands of bulls dead every year. Each bullfight involves the slow torture to death of six or more bulls.

Horseback riders firstly weaken the bull by stabbing its body with sharp lances. To force it to drop its head, hooked spears are then driven into its neck muscles. The cruelty culminates with a fatal stabbing through the heart with a sword.

Horses are also victims, often being knocked off their feet and severely gored.

Some tour operators and travel guides may try to lure you into bullrings by presenting them as centres of art and culture. For the sake of the animals and your own peace of mind, please don't listen to them.

Seeing a cut-up bull stumbling weakly around an arena with blood spurting from its back and spraying from its mouth and nostrils is sure to leave a dark shadow across holiday memories. In fact, many tourists who venture into bullrings out of curiosity leave in disgust as the animals are mercilessly killed before their eyes.

"I was prepared for the worst but still found it shocking, disgusting and cruel," one upset tourist recently reported. "I left after seeing a man horrifically injured and three bulls massacred. It shouldn’t be allowed to take place."

Bullrings in holiday spots depend on ticket sales to tourists. Decide now to boycott these venues and make your holiday cruelty-free. Not only will this help bring bullfighting to an end but it will also ensure that when you arrive home, your holiday memories will all be happy ones!

How can I help?

  • Never visit a bullring. Also avoid bullfighting museums and bullfighting-related souvenirs.
  • Bullfighting takes place in Spain, Portugal, France, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. If you wish to avoid the places which host this cruelty, download a location list from or view it on your mobile phone at
  • Give a copy of this leaflet to your friends before they leave on holidays. Ask your travel agent to display copies.
  • Respond to anti-bullfighting action alerts in our free Animal Voice newsletter. To subscribe, send an email to with “Animal Voice” as the subject.

Download the leaflet now!
(pdf, 1.9 Mb)

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