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Ask bishop to stop clergy involvement in cruel coursing
14 December 2012

Please sign our petition calling on the Bishop of Kerry to end clergy involvement in cruel hare coursing and to stop the inclusion of coursing in the parish newsletter.

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ICABS is asking Bishop Bill Murphy to act to permanently remove details of a coursing club's lotto results from the Lixnaw Parish Newsletter. According to the Lixnaw coursing club, the lotto draw "plays a huge part in the fund raising efforts of our club".

We have also asked the Bishop to stop clergy involvement in hare coursing.

Lixnaw Parish Priest, Fr Maurice Brick, has been involved in hare coursing since 1994. He is the owner of a greyhound which was a runner-up at the November 2012 Knockgraffon hare coursing meet - See photos of hares running for their lives (link to pro-coursing website) at this meet.


Please email a message to the Bishop of Kerry, Bill Murphy, and ask him to act to end clergy involvement in coursing and keep coursing out of the parish newsletter.

Bishop Bill Murphy
Bishop's House,
Killarney, Co. Kerry.
CC:, (Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference)
Tel: 064-6631168. Fax: 064-6631364

Sign our petition and share the link with all your contacts

Ask Rev Maurice Brick to show compassion and end his involvement in hare coursing.

Rev. Maurice Brick
Lixnaw, Co. Kerry
Tel: +353 (0)66-7132111. Fax: +353 (0)66-7132171

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