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Renewed appeal to Alan Shatter to push for blood sports ban
14 September 2012

Former ICABS President, and current Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Alan Shatter, has again been urged to push for bans on foxhunting and hare coursing. Please join our appeal to Minister Shatter to use his influence to end cruelty in Ireland.

On his website, Minister Shatter proudly notes that he was "for many years President of the Irish Council against Blood Sports". He is on record as saying "I am totally opposed to hunting wild animals with dogs" and has in the past called for a ban on hare coursing.

In 1993, he defied the party whip to support the late Deputy Tony Gregory’s Bill which aimed to outlaw coursing.

Respond to our action alert below and join us in contacting Minister Shatter.

QUOTES: Alan Shatter and Blood Sports

"I am totally opposed to hunting wild animals with dogs."

"Would the Minister agree that many people regard hare coursing as an offensive, obscene and particularly primitive sporting activity? ... Could I urge him to consider introducing legislation to ban live hare coursing? I suggest that the Minister would agree that hare coursing is as primitive a sport as bull-fighting and cock-fighting, both of which are prohibited under our legislation." Dail Questions and Answers (Hare Coursing) - 8 June 1983.

Alan Shatter is a former President of the Irish Council against Blood Sports. See


Contact Minister Alan Shatter now. Encourage him, as a former ICABS president and anti-bloodsports TD, to use his influence to push for a ban on hunting and coursing.

Minister Alan Shatter
Department of Justice, Equality and Defence
94 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2

Email: (CC
Tel: 01-618 3911 or 01-602 8202
Lo-Call: 1890 221-227
Fax: 01-661 5461

Please also contact your local TDs and urge them to support legislation to ban blood sports.

Email TDs from:
Or find out individual email addresses of TDs on the Irish Government Website

Write to your TDs at:
Dáil Éireann
Leinster House
Kildare Street
Dublin 2.

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