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Travel website replaces bullfight article with anti-bullfighting info
25 September 2013

A big thank you to travel website, City Breaks 101, for deleting a bullfighting article from its website and replacing it with a video of an upset tourist crying after attending a bullfight.

Following an ICABS appeal, bullfighting information was removed from the webpage and in its place is now a notice alerting holidaymakers to the violence involved.

"Bullfighting, which involves torturing, terrorising and eventually killing bulls, should not be viewed as a sport," the notice states, alongside a link to an ICABS webpage where a video exposes the cruelty of bullfighting.

ICABS has thanked City Breaks 101 for its compassionate and helpful response. It joins a growing list of companies/websites which have removed references to bullfighting or bullrings. These include EasyJet, Marriott International, Hilton Hampton, Ebookers, Club Travel, Abbey Travel, Sunways, Low Cost, Travel Department, Cancun Holidays Information Center, No Fly Cruising, Co-op Travel UK and Original Travel.

Visit the City Breaks 101 website at

Help us to convince other companies to drop bullfighting from their websites. Check out our latest anti-bullfighting Action Alerts now.

Many tourists lured in to bullrings are left feeling shocked and upset at the bloody violence they witness. For the animals and for happy holiday memories, boycott the bullrings.

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