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Ask Adare Heritage Centre to stop promoting hunting
14 March 2013

Sign the Petition: Adare Heritage Centre: Stop promoting hunting

Please join us in our appeal to Adare Heritage Centre in County Limerick to stop promoting hunting as a local tourist activity.

In an "Activities in Adare" sign at the centre, "hunting" is listed as one of the local activities. Inside the building, a display includes an image of foxhunters and hounds.

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is calling on Adare Heritage Centre to remove these and stop encouraging visitors to Adare to take part in a blood sport which causes horrific suffering and death to Irish wildlife.

In an email to the centre, ICABS stated: "It is extremely surprising that any modern tourism body would wish to associate itself and the area it promotes with animal cruelty. Hunting is opposed by a majority of Irish citizens and there is no doubt that most visitors, and potential visitors, to Adare would consider hunting to be abhorrent. Adare has so many positive attractions and activities to offer locals and tourists. We ask you to please show compassion for Irish wildlife and stop presenting hunting as a recommended activity."

A display at Adare Heritage Centre includes a photo of hunters and foxhounds.


Phone Adare Heritage Centre or send a polite email requesting that they stop promoting hunting.

Tel: +353 (0) 61 39 66 66

Videos: Foxhunting Cruelty

Make a donation to ICABS

Please consider making a small donation to ICABS. For more details, please click on the button below or follow this link to find out how to become a campaign supporter. Thank you.

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