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Tony Gregory No. 1
10 May 2007

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports calls for Dublin Central voters to give their No. 1 vote to our Vice President, Tony Gregory, TD.

Tony has, for many years, been foremost as a champion for animals in general and, in particular, in the fight for a ban on blood sports.

Tony's progressive initiative, via a Private Member's Bill in 1993 to ban coursing, is legendary and forced an admission from the then Fianna Fail government that coursing is cruel and that the cruelty would have to be eliminated. This historic bill was a major step in the ongoing campaign to secure a ban on hare coursing.

We continue to receive valuable support and encouragement from Deputy Gregory in our campaign against coursing, fox hunting, carted deer hunting and other blood sports.

We are proud to have Tony as our vice-president; he is as resolute and unstinting as ever to see an end to this barbarity.

Please give Tony Gregory, TD your No. 1 vote in Dublin Central.

Tony Gregory, TD
Dublin Central TD, Tony Gregory: ICABS Vice President and leading campaigner against blood sports in Dail Eireann. To read some of Tony Gregory's numerous animal-related Dail Questions, please visit our Parliamentary Q&A page.

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