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Ryanair's Michael O'Leary poses as matador
30 May 2007

Ryanair boss, Michael O'Leary has posed as a matador in Madrid to publicise new routes from Spain. The publicity stunt is likely to cause offence to the millions across Europe opposed to the blood sport.

According to the CincoDias newspaper of 17 May 2007, "Michael O'Leary appeared in a press conference in Madrid dressed as a bullfighter." The newspaper also published a photo showing him holding up a bullfighting cape and posing as a matador.

ICABS is deeply disappointed at Mr O'Leary's insensitive use of a bullfighting theme to publicise flights, particularly as we have previously made him aware of the enormous suffering caused to bulls and horses in bullrings around the world. Every year, thousands of bulls are mercilessly speared and stabbed to death in blood spattered arenas.

Last year, following an appeal to Ryanair to stop publicising bullfighting in their inflight magazine, Michael O'Leary told ICABS that although he thought bullfighting was "boring and pointless", Ryanair "respect people's right to attend bullfights if they so wish".

Earlier this month, ICABS joined with anti-bullfighting groups from around the world to form an historic international campaigning network. Together, we will be lodging a complaint with Ryanair and asking them to stop trivialising animal cruelty.

Michael O'Leary dressed as matador and holding cape
Bullflight: Michael O'Leary dressed as a matador and holding a bullfighting cape during a press conference to publicise new Ryanair routes. ICABS has lodged a complaint with the company. Photo: CincoDias/Five Days


Please join us in our call to Michael O'Leary and Ryanair to stop trivialising bullfighting in their marketing campaigns and to exclude the activity from their in-flight magazine.

Mr Michael O'Leary
CEO, Ryanair
Corporate Head Office
Dublin Airport, Co Dublin.
Tel: 00 353 (0)1 812 1212
Fax: 00 353 (0)1 812 1213
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