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Budget Travel asked to stop encouraging visit to bullring
19 July 2013

Please see update: Budget Travel thanked for removing bullfighting references

Budget Travel is being asked to stop encouraging holidaymakers to attend bullfights and bullruns. On its website, the Dublin-based company lists "bull fights" as a holiday attraction.

On a Costa del Sol web page, Budget Travel describes a bullring as a "cultural attraction" - "Go to Malaga to visit some of the astonishing cultural attractions like The Picasso Museum or the bull ring. Itís a gorgeous way to get a glimpse of Spainís roots and heritage."

Elsewhere, Budget recommends a visit to the infamous Pamplona bullrun where bulls are chased through the streets and later tortured and killed in the local bullring - "Be part of the legendary Running of the Bulls on our 7 day Pamplona experience in the exciting opening week...Highlights: Dress up in traditional red and white and run like a local in the Running of the Bulls, Watch the bulls run from the Plaza de Toros (bull ring)...What's included: Guided walking tour of Pamplona Ė See...the famous bullring."

ICABS has told Budget Travel about the cruelty of bullfighting and the fact that most tourists lured in to bullrings by holiday operators are left shocked and disgusted at bloody violence they witness. Also highlighted was the suffering caused to bulls used in the Pamplona bullrun and the torture and death that awaits them in the local bullring.


If you choose to holiday in a bullfighting country (Spain, France, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela), please do not visit bullfighting arenas or museums. Avoid purchasing any bullfight-related souvenirs. Join the international campaign against bullfighting. Please register your opposition to this horrific blood sport with the governments and political representatives of bullfighting countries as well as to the local Ambassadors.

Contact the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland to register your opposition to bullfighting. Express your desire to see bullfighting banned throughout all of Spain.

The Spanish Ambassador to Ireland
Embassy of Spain
17A Merlyn Park, Dublin 4.

Tel 1: +353 (0)1 2691640
Tel 2: +353 (0)1 2692597
Fax: +353 (0)1 269 1854

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