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Unlawful animal traps seized in Kildare following ICABS action
08 May 2009

Unlawful traps and snares were seized last year by the National Parks and Wildlife Service after ICABS highlighted a website offering the devices for sale. Following evidence from a NPWS ranger in Naas District Court last month, Judge Desmond Zaidan found the case against the accused to be proven but decided not to convict subject to an undertaking that he would pay €1000 to charity.

A Department of the Environment statement provided to ICABS today outlines that when the website in question was checked, it was noted that among the products offered for sale were unstopped rabbit snares, rat glue traps, mouse glue traps, electronic rat killers and electronic mouse killers. None of these items is an approved trap as defined by the Wildlife Act 1976 (Approved Traps, Snares and Nets) Regulations 2003. S.I. No. 620 of 2003.

A National Parks ranger visited the business premises in Co Kildare and seized the traps and snares.

Possession of, and offering for sale of, unapproved traps and snares is contrary to Section 34(6) of the Wildlife Act 1976 as amended by Section 42 of the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000

The Department statement continues:

"As the accused was in possession of, and offering for sale five different traps/snares, ten charges were brought. Solicitor for the accused made contact with the Minister's representation in the lobby of the Court and after some discussion offered to enter a guilty plea in respect of two sample charges relating to the rat glue traps and electronic rat killer, one each for possession and offering for sale. This was accepted.

"The NPWS ranger gave evidence of investigation and seizure, interview of the accused the following day, his admission of the offences and immediate caution, his decline to make a written statement and his voluntary verbal admission after caution.

"Judge Zaidan found the case to be proven, but in response to representation for leniency, decided not to convict subject to an undertaking that the accused would pay the sum of €1000 to a charity. The Judge made an order nominating the Michael Garry Hostel for the Homeless in Newbridge, Co Kildare, remarking that it was a good cause."

ICABS congratulates the NPWS rangers involved for acting to seize the traps and bringing the case to court. This undoubtedly conveys a strong message that the possession and sale of unlawful traps and snares will not be tolerated and that those caught possessing or selling them will be pursued.

If you are aware of the sale or possession of unlawful traps or snares, please get in touch with us immediately. Alternatively, you may contact the National Parks and Wildlife Service directly on 01-8882000.

Unlawful: electronic rat killer

If you are aware of anyone possessing or offering these unlawful traps for sale, please immediately notify the NPWS (see contact details below)

Unlawful: Glue traps. Please get in touch with us now if you spot these for sale in any Irish shop or website.


Send a message of thanks to the National Parks and Wildlife Service for successfully seizing the traps and snares and bringing the case to court.

National Parks & Wildlife Service
7 Ely Place
Dublin 2
Tel: 01-8882000
Fax: 01-8883272
LoCall: 1890 202 021 (from Republic of Ireland only)

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