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Noel Treacy asked to stop pandering to hunters
07 March 2008

In a letter to the editor published in the Galway Independent this week, the Irish Council Against Blood Sports has suggested that insead of pandering to hunters, Noel Treacy, TD should "respect the overwhelming wishes of the electorate and commit to safeguarding our wildlife heritage".

Please see below for the full text of the letter along with an action alert to Deputy Treacy.

Massive majority want ban on blood sports
by Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports
Galway Independent - 5th March 2008

Dear Editor,

'When I was in charge of the Wildlife Service, I got constant letters from the Irish Council Against Blood Sports to ban hunting and only ever got one letter pro-hunting,' Noel Treacy, TD was quoted as saying in the Galway Independent of 23 January 2008.

Addressing hunters at a meeting in Ballinasloe, the former Minister of State suggested that this could be a case of complacency on the part of the blood sport enthusiasts.

The more likely explanation for Deputy Treacy's anti-blood sports postbag towering over a solitary letter is that a massive majority in this country want a ban on activities involving animal cruelty.

Most agree that it's totally unacceptable to unleash a pack of hounds to chase a fox for hours before ripping it to bits. Also predominantly opposed is the snatching of thousands of hares from their habitats and forcing them to run for dear life in front of greyhounds.

This has been confirmed by the latest Millward Brown opinion polls which found that around two out of every three Irish adults want the government to outlaw foxhunting and hare coursing.

Instead of pandering to a merciless minority, Deputy Treacy should respect the overwhelming wishes of the electorate and commit to safeguarding our wildlife heritage.


Remind Deputy Noel Treacy that a majority of Irish people, (including, presumably, a majority of the Galway electorate) want blood sports banned. Ask him to stop standing up for animal cruelty which results in wildlife enduring unimaginable suffering and the most horrific of deaths.

Noel Treacy, TD
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