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Question 196 - Answered on 13th January, 2011

Maureen O'Sullivan, TD: To ask the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government if he will ban the Larsen cage trap which has been banned in Denmark due to the stress and injury caused to the captured birds which either die of starvation or are subsequently strangled to death.

Written Answer. Ref No: 1890/11

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (Mr John Gormley):

My Department has responsibility for regulating the use of traps, snares and nets in relation to wildlife in accordance with the provisions of the Wildlife Acts and the Wildlife Act, 1976 (Approved Traps, Snares and Nets) Regulations 2003. The use of the Larson cage trap complies with the provisions of the 2003 Regulations.

I recently made regulations concerning the use of animal-based poison baits and these regulations, together with changes made by the Department of Agriculture Food and Fisheries to the permitted uses of poisons, have the effect that is illegal to poison any bird. It is necessary, however, for farmers and other land managers to have other options available for the control of species which may cause serious damage to livestock, crops or other fauna and flora.

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